I’ve been giving a lot of prayer time to the journey that God wants to take me on this year. I guess that line of thought is a kind of ‘normal-January-thing’, but it feels far more significant for me right now.

There are some really exciting things I’m commited to doing in 2013; spending the summer in Japan being the big, wonderfully epic, one!! But alongside that, work is looking full, my next Masters deadline is hurtling towards me, opportunities keep opening up, and God is stirring and moving me in specific directions.

And more than anything, I just want to be in His will. Like, not just vaguely skirting about His will, but smack, bang in the centre, nothing-more-than-to-be-with-Him, in His will.

I just want to be His.

Before I am a manager, a worship leader, a speaker or a student. I just want to be His and to be with Him. To know that intimacy.

I was listening to a testimony yesterday about a woman who tithed 10 percent of her day to God, in the craziest season of her life. And I was stirred! I love the secret place. I’ve got to know God there on my knees, in the Word or at my piano since He first called me to that dedicated daily time at 15 years old. I’ve sung to Him my whole life. But going into this year, my resolve is renewed.

My commitment for 2013 is this: to tithe at least 10 percent of my time each day to Him. To give Him at least 2 hours and 40 minutes of consecrated time every day. And, amongst all the other activities, opportunities and ministries that are opening up for this year, it is this commitment that I’m most excited about. That Holy Spirit would remove everything that hinders love; that there would be no distance between us, and that Jesus would remain my first love and my complete vision.

There are already many days where minutes and hours in His Presence fly by. There are days where that has been the spiritual air that has literally kept me moving forwards, one step at a time. But there are those busy days where I cram an hours Bible study inbetween breakfast, Japanese and funding bids; don’t sit down at my piano until 8pm and then wonder why I’m frazzled. I don’t work from that place of rest that He calls me to. So that’s changing.

I’m resolute (to use a typical-January-time term).

And if on some days, He wants more than 10 percent, than I’m so totally, more than ok with that. Because He’s my healer, my best friend, and the only one I want to captivate and fascinate me always.

So, I feel like I’m learning and growing and chasing again. But I know that life’s only really exciting when He’s in the driving seat.


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