A bucket of thankfulness…

I’ve spent much of today creating a gift for a good friend of mine who’s leaving to move to Japan next week… Well, it’s actually a kind-of-best-memory-scrapbook on behalf of the young people we’ve spent so much of the last four years investing into. 

So, I’ve been cutting, and sticking, and arranging hundreds of slightly random, kind of embarrassing, laugh-out-loud photographs into some kind of memorable order; tracking down young people to write honest-funny-heartfelt encouragements; and being reminded of just all that God has done in the lives of these wonderful individuals over the last four years.
In my life over the last four years.
And I am thankful.
I am thankful for the laughing-until-I-can’t stand moments.
I am thankful for the crazy-evangelistic-efforts.
I am thankful for the precious times we’ve spent corporately seeking out more of God.
I am thankful for the fancy dress enthusiasm, the vast quantities of food shared, the road trips throughout Scotland, and the incredibly loud accompanying music.


I am thankful.
And I think of all God has done.
All He is still doing.
I remember the young people I’ve had the privilege of praying with for the first time, the fourth time, or the fiftieth time.
Those I have cried with, worshipped with, danced with, played music with and just lived life with.
Those whose lives God has allowed me to touch, but those whose lives have ultimately touched mine with such compassion and inspiration and energy and beauty.
We have a good, good, good Father.
And I am thankful.



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