Can pixies drive tanks?

It’s been an epic 24 hours. And so so much has been crammed into such a relatively-short period of time that I feel like I would have to write the longest-ever-in-the-world blog post to document it all.

So, being a strangely-organised-list-lover, I’m going to just bring 10 highlights to the metaphorical table.

1) The hilarity of having a hire car the size of a small (or not so small) castle.
Remember, I am only 5 foot 2.
This caused my team a great deal of amusement, and one close friend of mine used the now-to-become-a-classic phrase, ‘You look like a pixie driving a tank’.
At least I could reach the pedals.
When you’re this small you have to be thankful for such things.

2) Trying to pick up my friend from Waverley Station, to then navigate our way to another friend’s house.
We are both directionally challenged. Even with a SatNav.
Finding each other was traumatic.
Finding the house we were visiting even more so.
45 minutes, many, many u-turns, much laughter, and some ‘classic’ parking later…

3) Worship.
Beautiful-wind-down-in-your-spirit-connect-with-His-Spirit, worship.
I know worship is our constant connection with God, our very heartbeat, our lifestyle… but as a musician, making a joyful sound unto the Lord is still something that causes me to soar in my heart.
And last night was one of those beautifully intimate times where you immediately, corporately press into a deeper place and join the song of heaven.

4) The way God brings people with the same heart together.
It’s always humbling to me to be with people who are sold out for stepping into God’s call for their lives, no matter how big-scary-crazy that may seem.
And I love hearing those stories that can’t not build your faith.

5) Praying with God-given authority.
I love to pray.
I love to pray corporately.
I love to pray corporately in real unity and real agreement and real faith, for the things that you just know move Abba’s heart.
It was a privilege to lift up friends last night, and to catch a glimpse of something of the vision of heaven for their lives and this next season.
Also stunning.

6) Getting excited about what God wants to do in Japan.
What God is doing in Japan.
What God will do in Japan.
And feeling the faith rise.

7) Long catch ups, cups of teas and quality time with friends.
I love it.
Hearing stories. Sharing stories. Laughing. Writing. Knowing that you are so, so blessed in the most incredible ways.
Being thankful.


8) Getting an unexpectedly good night’s sleep.

9) Roadtrips where you play great songs, have God-exalting conversations, ponder the future, the living out of faith, and the ways that you can please the Holy Spirit.
Where you talk so much your mouth feels crazy-dehydrated.
Where you feel like you’ve experienced a whole day and then realise it’s before 8.30 in the morning.

10) Driving straight to the office, sitting down and realising that Holy Spirit is still the same sustainer, and keeper, and lover that He always has been.
That He guides, and keeps and heals and loves.
What a faithful, faithful God.

And yes, the all-important answer to the question…
Pixies can drive tanks.

Well, this pixie can! 🙂


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