The Greatest Gift…

I’m making a good friend of mine a personalised prayer book at the moment. 

What’s a personalised prayer book I hear you ask?
Well, the idea is this: It goes through 6 months, kind of like a more personalised, specifically-prayed-through-and applied daily devotional. 
As I write each day and put Scripture in place, I’m praying for the person and hearing from God about His heart and what He will be doing for them and with them at that point. 
I like to think it will be a great gift.
But I am a bit of a home-made-thought-provoking-present fan!
I have however, grossly underestimated the amount of time that it would take me to write/create/make; because in reality, I’m writing just over 130 daily devotionals. 
So this ‘gift’ is growing arms, and legs, and turning into a ‘project’ of mammoth proportions.
And it got me thinking about gifts that cost in some way.
They take thought.
They take time.
They take money.
They take sacrifice.
They take love.
And that got me thinking about Jesus.
The greatest gift.
The Greatest Gift.
He who, for the sake of love, left His Father’s throne.
He who clothed Himself in flesh, forever.
He who searched out a bride who was fallen and tainted and who seemed unredeemable.
He who walked among us to show us justice and mercy and grace lived out.
He who bore the marks of love.
He who still bears those marks of love.
Those wounds that stand forever as a testimony of grace.
He who defeated death, and crushed it’s power and broke it’s hold.
He who still lives to make intercession for me.
And He who is coming back. Really coming back.
What a gift.
What a Saviour.
What a King.
None but Jesus.
And now I better get back to writing…



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