El Shaddai

El Shaddai.

God Almighty.

The Lord God Almighty.
The God who calls us out, and goes ahead, and prepares the way, and seals the harvest.
The God who sees all things, and knows all things, and rules all things.
We started looking at the names of God today in our church. 
El Shaddai.
The name God uses when He affirms His promises to Abram in Genesis 17.
When He calls Abram to walk faithfully. 
In the agreement of a beautiful covenant of promise.
And as Abram falls facedown before El Shaddai, in the faith that He alone is the Almighty; the Lord God All Powerful breathes something of His own nature into Abram’s life, and He becomes Abraham, the Father of the nation of promise. 
The Father of the called out ones. 
The Father of the everlasting covenant.
He who has God’s own name and heart now embedded into his own as a permanent and destiny-changing sign.
And the wide-history-stretching-story of promise, the hope of redemption song, the faith that our God is the Almighty of so-much-more-than-the-cosmos, ruling in perfect power and perfect control… That story continues.
This was the same service that we prayed and sent off a wonderful friend of mine who is going to Japan on mission for the year (follow him at heart4japan.wordpress.com if you have a heart for missions/Asia/random steps of faith/inspiring-faith!!) 
So our thoughts were focused on how this same God, El Shaddai, our beautiful, Almighty King, calls us just as He called Abram.
He’s still that same God.
He takes our weak lives, and our humble hearts, and He breathes into us with His Spirit and marks us in a way that means we will never be the same again.
He marks us.
He keeps on changing us.
So that we can walk before Him faithfully.
In the agreement of a beautiful covenant of promise.
Papa, increase my faith in all the places I am blind.



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