I am humbled. 

I caught up with an amazing friend last night over Skype, and it brought such joy to my heart. 
As we shared something of all God has done these last years, shared testimonies of His faithfulness, of His abundance, just who He is, I just felt myself blessed.
Because on so many occasions in these last months, Abba has brought me deep healing through precious, beautiful members of His body. 
Those who have prayed for me when no one saw, who have faithfully held up my hands when no one but Holy Spirit would know. 
Those relationships and friendships that He has woven together in such stunning unity. 
The depth of love that has mirrored His heart so well.
Friends that I once-upon-a-time had the awesome privilege of leading to Jesus, who now I have the awesome privilege of being held up by.
Friends who have prophesied over me when I couldn’t see clearly.
Those who have laughed with me when I couldn’t do it alone. 
Oh Papa, I am so, so thankful, and humbled, and yet still thankful for Your bride.
And I am thankful to be counted among Your people.
Today I also painted a couple of small pictures based on Psalm 57 v 1 ‘I take refuge in the shelter of Your wings…’ 
Because I really do.




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