Being rescued.

I’ve had a few instances in this last week that have caused me to reflect on this idea of being rescued.

Of needing rescuing.

1. The lady who caters for my training venue making me the largest-piece-of-rocky-road-you’ve-ever-seen especially to energise me through the morning because she noticed I looked tired.
Rescued by the kindness of a relative stranger (although THAT will change).

2. The mechanic I go to when I have no idea what’s wrong with my car welding my exhaust back together and only charging me £30… (“It’s ok love, I know these things always happen to you…”) 
So that was the noise!!
Rescued by someone who fixed what I couldn’t even diagnose.

3. The plumbers that came to my office at 8am this morning to unblock the toilet-too-gross-for-words-disaster-present that had been not-so-kindly left by one of our not-so-lovely young people yesterday.
Rescued by those with more courage (and a stronger stomach) than I will ever have.
4. My best-friend-and-resident-nurse being there to stay the night when my fake-little-sister needed her medicine administered and foot dressing changed.
Rescued by those who know that I can deal with blood, but would really-rather-not-if-it-could-at-all-be-helped. 🙂
5. My precious godfather, who today touched me with such practical kindness when the most surprising blessing arrived on  my doorstep.
Rescued by the generosity of others.
By kindness. By expertise. By courage. By friendship. By surprise.
By things I didn’t ask for.
From situations I couldn’t solve.
With humour and the ability to laugh.
Through the gifts of others.
Last night our church celebrated a baptismal service, and one testimony struck with me in particular. Because I was already thinking about this idea of rescue.
And this resounded in me.
A young 12 year old guy in our youth group shared how he had come to know God. That his at-the-time 8 year old brother, had led him to Jesus when he had been 6 himself, in a simple, beautiful explanation of faith. 
Simple faith.
A simple prayer.
It had made sense.
And he had walked with the Lord these 6 years since.
A testimony of rescue.
God’s rescue.
But using us.
So today, my simple thought, and my simple faith, and my simple hope, is that this story of rescue will continue. That as we get to know the Rescuer, we will overcome. That as we dwell with the Rescuer, we will be his hands and his feet.
We will go where He sends us.
Revelation 12 v 11 ‘They overcame, by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.’



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