The epic battle of snow versus Becca’s birthday.

Once upon a time 4 courageous warriors left the safety of their Invernesian homes to battle the epic weather conditions, undertaking a road trip of mammoth proportions…

… Only kidding.

But in all seriousness, the snow was MENTAL yesterday, and the lack of blog post was down to the fact that it took almost 7 hours to do the Inverness-to-Edinburgh-via-St Andrews-and-Dundee road trip, that was essential for the Becca’s-birthday-weekend-plus-Timmy-and-Lisa-drop-off…

We survived! Praise God! (and thank you to the angels that sit on my car bonnet!)

Actually, we more than survived. The conversation was the kind of beautiful-in-depth-God-glorifying talk that makes your heart buzz and leaves you thankful and spurred on. The sound track to our journey played us the lyrics, ‘take heart, take courage again….’ as we took on the snowy heights of the Drumochter in hilarious-irony, and we got pretty close to our final destination before getting hopelessly lost.

And we were rewarded by mammoth portions of Dominos pizza and copious amounts of tea when we finally met the girls at the apartment. And Lisa, your word for me last night was not only amazing, but made me cry! Thank you!

There’s no wi-fi in our apartment this weekend so I’m retreating to the quiet of Cafe Nero to blog over my morning London Fog. 

Holy Spirit is so good and I am so grateful to be here in the place of rest and laughter and friendship. 

BUT posts may be intermittent until Monday. 

I am blessed… and Becca is now joining me in the lofty old age of her 20s 🙂 (22 is almost old!)

On another random note, I don’t normally do jewellery, but I found this amazing necklace in a wee junk shop yesterday that I just had to share.

Simple pleasures!


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