He’s a good, good Father. Always. Forever.

I reached the book of 2 Kings in my Old Testament reading this morning, and felt inspired/encouraged/renewed again by that well known story in Chapter 6. 
I love this.
So much.
Elisha’s hearing-from-God-about-military-specifics-and-saving-the-armies-of-Israel-on-many-occasions had again enraged the king of their enemy-of-the-moment, Aram.
In anger and desperation, this ungodly king had sent his heavyweight military forces to capture Elisha, surrounding him in the town of Dothan.
With no earthly hope of escape.
Understandably, this slightly overwhelming fact caused Elisha’s servant a great deal of alarm the next morning when he looked out of the city and saw the vast armies of their enemy waiting to strike.
With no earthly hope of escape.
And he cries out, ‘Oh no my lord! What shall we do?!’ (I’m not sure our English translation really captures his desperation!!)
But Elisha (I am so inspired by this), just knows the spiritual reality is so different from the earthly one. He trusts His God. He trusts without doubt and without wavering. And he simply says, ‘Don’t be afraid. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’
Wow. He sees what the servant could not.
He trusts what the servant did not.
He got into a God-sized-perspective of the situation.
And then he prays, ‘Open his eyes Lord, that he may see’. 
And the servant looks again, and he sees the hills full of horses and chariots of fire. 
He sees the real reality.
The heaven-meets-earth reality.
The our-God-never-fails-or-leaves-or-doesn’t-fight-for-us-reality.
By the very heavenly armies of the very living God.
With no possible outcome but rescue.
I was studying Japanese after reading the Word this morning, and this story stayed with me (you know me and my random-brain-connections). 
I was struggling to remember the kanji for the word ‘prohibition’ (don’t ask me why, but some words just seem to be harder to get into my brain than others). 
Anyway, the kanji for ‘prohibition’ is 禁, which is pronounced きん (kin), and I haven’t been able to remember the reading for about two weeks. 
Very frustrating! 
But today I learnt the full word for ‘prohibition’, 禁止 which is pronounced きんし (kinshi). 
Now learning this word in context, with the kanji for ‘stop’, which I use all the time, suddenly made it click in my brain.
My memory has stirred, and at last I know that I have another kanji rooted in place.
But, here’s my point… seeing the kanji in it’s proper context meant it made sense.
Trying to memorise it without using it, trying to learn it without any relevance… It just didn’t stick.
But when I had a proper revelation of the reading in context, it became engrained in me in a way I remembered.
Really remembered.
And it reminded me of how God’s truths are embedded in our hearts and our spirits with unshakable faith when we have a revelation of the reality of the Word in action.
When the eyes of our hearts are opened to see what He is doing.
To hear what He is saying.
To see the greater plan, and the greater rescue, and the greater picture.
And these lessons are then not easily forgotten.
Because He is always faithful.
And the armies of God are greater than any other.
I’ve been praying a prayer these last few days that sounds a little bit like this:

‘God, You’ve put all these dreams in my heart and visions in my mind and burdens on my spirit but I don’t really know how I’m going to get there…’

Because I’m a how person.
I’m oh-so-impatient.
I want to know the detail and I’d rather know it now.

But Abba has the right perspective.
A different perspective.
He gently takes my hand and says, ‘It’s ok little one, because I am with you every single, tiny step of the journey, and beneath you, permanently and unswervingly beneath you are My everlasting arms. You are my precious, precious daughter and I never, ever fail. You are safe because I am in control.’
And this morning He gave me some re-prioritising-right-persepctive.
I had this picture of me as a little girl, with a little suitcase looking down a long winding road. 
The journey ahead was long, and I was apprehensive.
But then Abba came beside me, took my little suitcase in one of his made-the-universe-hands, placed His other arm around my shoulder, and we began to walk. 
Not in silence or sadness. 
Not in apprehension.
But in interest and laughter and adventure.
Because although I didn’t know the detail of the journey, I knew that I was with Him, and not out of step with Him, and being guided by Him…
And that was enough.
His vision. His perspective.
He’s a good, good Father, and we’re His sons and daughters.
And because I promised, here are some amazing photos from the weekend 🙂



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