Blessings, heart issues and booking plane tickets…

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to Life Church in Edinburgh.

Honestly, if you ever find yourself in that city on a Sunday morning I would encourage you to go and worship/fellowship/learn from this great group of God’s people. We were made to feel so incredibly welcome, inspired by really passionate worship and teaching, and given copious amounts of tea and cake, before and after the service (always a winner!)

And the sermon has remained in my thoughts these last 36 hours.

Keep your heart.

Keep your heart.

That question; what is in your heart?  is such a challenge.

Thinking about Matthew 15, and the things that really defile a man (or woman).

The things of the heart.

Thinking about how our character is expressed through our heart.

How righteousness starts in the heart.

Proverbs 4 v 23 says, ‘Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance, for out of it flows springs of life’.

So, if the heart is compared to a river, the condition of our heart will determine the condition of the things that flow out of it. And the heart is our genuine self. The place the Holy Spirit convicts and challenges. The root of our devotion and worship, of our faith. The foundation of our intention and resolve.

Out of our heart come the issues of life.

And I long for what I receive, accept, believe, repeat, meditate upon, express… I long for it all to be pleasing to Him. To be fixed and focused on the Lord. For Jesus to be my every sleeping and waking moment.  For my heart to be rooted and established in Him.

For the river of my heart to be a pure stream, uncontaminated by broken cisterns and untainted by all but Holy Spirit’s Living Water.

I’m challenged.


Now, today I did something I am very excited about, and booked flights to IHOP-KC for a week in March.

I am stoked! Like, totally, totally stoked!

I was praying about the trip and the flights, and a couple of amazing God-moments happened.

Firstly, He provided financially. Like, bless-my-socks-off provided.

Secondly, He told me specifically that flights going via Washington DC would be the best deal. Honestly, I was doubtful I’d heard God on that one.

That is, I was doubtful until I checked flights, found one that was hundreds of pounds cheaper, flew via Washington, and gave me a 12 hour layover in which I could catch up with an amazing friend on her birthday.

God. Is. So. Good. So. So. Good!

And I need to doubt less and trust more.

So, I now get to spend a beautiful weekend talking about prayer and fasting changing the nations in London with the lovely OMF crew, and then fly straight out to KC for a week to do some more praying and fasting for changing the nations!


(Shameless plug, if you have a heart for Asia/missions/prayer-and-worship/love great Chinese food/like hanging out with me, then go to and book for the greatest-in-the-world-conference!! Go and book it now!!)


One of my male friends said yesterday in all seriousness, that reading my blog gave them a great insight into the female mind.

That actually made me LOL.

Glad I can be of service.


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