Meditations, conversations and hope-filled-days…

This morning I was inspired by Hebrews.

Just thinking about faith.
Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see, faith.
And God just spoke to me about praying with expectation.
With hope.
With vision.
Praying for miracles. For opportunities. For salvation. For the nations.
Praying His heart.
Praying for His will to be done.
Praying specifically.
With faith.
Today I was blessed with some amazing opportunities to have some God-inspired conversations about faith. With those I love. With those who don’t believe. With those who are precious friends. And I am praying with faith that Holy Spirit makes Himself real to them. In a more-than-words-and-human-understanding-way.
Papa, increase my faith.
And tonight I am going to pray for a dear friend of our church-family who needs miraculous healing. A young man who needs a total miracle of heart, of body and of complete-and-utter-restoration. And as I stand with others and as we anoint him with oil in his hospital bed, I am praying with faith that Holy Spirit brings His healing power. That there is a greater testimony. That his whole family will come to beautiful salvation through the work of abundant-grace-poured-out.
Jesus, increase my faith.
So, I pray that tonight you would join with me. 
With us.
Pray that God would restore our faith, build our faith, and strengthen our faith. 
That we would see miracles. 
Daily, living as God would have us live, being bold and stepping out, being His hands and feet, in the Holy Spirit’s power, miracles.
Because faith brings about His fruit.
For His name’s sake.

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