Lessons from silliness: Being braver for His sake.

This morning I donned my I-get-a-reputation-for-being-a-slightly-crazy-youth-worker hat and set the young people on my current training programme the Being Braver Challenge.

‘What on earth is the Being Braver Challenge?’ they asked me… (despairing and groaning amongst themselves that I was far too hyper for 9am on a Wednesday morning..)
Well, it does vary from time to time, but today involved the following elements:
10 young people. 
2 teams. 
20 challenges. 
3 hours.
The challenges are always aimed to get young people working together, to push them to try things that are out of their comfort zone, to be-vaguely-at-points-related-to-employability or literacy skills…. and to ultimately allow us all to have a laugh whilst doing it!! 
Today’s weird-and-wonderful-challenge-combination included young people needing to return with the following:
1) A photo of the whole team in a phone booth.
2) A take away coffee cup signed by all the staff members of Costa.
3) 10 business cards from local stores.
4) A photo of one team member with a person over the age of 65.
5) A pair of pants.
6) A photo of a team member wearing said pair of pants on their head in the most public place possible.
7) The opening times of 5 different shops.
8) A photo of the whole team being serenaded by a busker or musician.
9) Some brown nail polish.
10) A photo booth photo with an (appropriate) body part of each team member in the picture.
11) A leaflet from Inverness museum.
12) A hand written team limerick.
13) A London Fog for Peta. 🙂
14) A leaflet from the local youth centre.
15) The name of the manager in TopShop.
16) The price of a chicken tikka curry, pilau rice and peshwari naan from Rajah…
17) … And Sams.
18) The service times of a local church.
19) A photo of a team member high-fiving a stranger.
20) A photo of two team members climbing a tree.
I know. 
I’m just cruel sometimes.
Seriously though, we had an amazing, laugh-out-loud morning which did a great job in building confidence and breaking down barriers. Challenges complete, the young people were definitely being braver, I had benefitted from two perfectly made London Fogs, and I’m sure a few of the residents of Inverness had been slightly perplexed by the crazy goings on…
… Being braver.
But in the crazy silliness, I got to thinking about how often I challenge myself to really be braver as a Christian.
About how often I push myself out of my comfort zone for His sake.
About how often I embarrass myself for the sake of the Gospel.
About how many times I take a risk to run towards a challenge or word that God has placed on my heart.
Because if my young people can do all that for my sake, for the simple prize of a pack of Jaffa cakes, then how much more should we do for the sake of Jesus, for the eternal prize of pleasing His heart, being used by Holy Spirit, and seeing a mighty harvest.
Walking, and running and living with Him is the most thrilling, and exciting, and on-the-edge-of-your-seat journey. 
The most exhilarating way of living life to the full.
Of living before His eyes, before an audience of One, for the things that really matter.
But I need to be braver.
For His sake.
I guess it takes me back to the faith thing… 🙂



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