Writing. Laughter. Love.

I’ve been based in my office today.


Writing a press release that’s due in tomorrow.

Writing a big-kind-of-important funding presentation for Monday.


Words. Words. Words.

And when you’re writing, it’s oh-so-important to think about who it actually is that’s going to be reading.

Who am I writing to? What am I writing for?

What’s the purpose?

Who’s the audience?

I spent the morning writing for funders. For those who want to know the intricacies of strategy, the details of budgets, and the outlines of staffing.

I spent the afternoon writing for the public. For those who will pick up a magazine and read about what we do, those who will read a snippet, a broad-brush-stroke-excerpt, and hopefully be just-a-little-inspired.

Two completely different documents.

For two completely different audiences.


But if I’m perfectly honest, sometimes I live life a bit like that. I get so focussed on what I’m meant to be doing, and who I’m meant to be doing it for, that I forget who I’m meant to be being.

Who I’m meant to be becoming.

I start to wear multiple hats.

For multiple audiences.

On multiple assignments.


Manager hat on, student hat off.

Student hat on, friend hat off.

Japanese-studying hat on, theological-reading hat off.

Youth worker hat on, worship-leader hat off.

Dog-walker hat on, bad-driver hat off.


The problem is that my first-and-foremost-lover-of-Jesus-and-living-a-life-of-worship hat was never meant to come off. And that should define everything else.


Living life before an Audience of One, where everything, absolutely-completely-everything is absolutely-completely-secondary.


I love Misty Edward’s teaching on being pleasing to Jesus. She describes our ministry, what we do, as our assignment.

It is not to be our dream.

Just an assignment.

Our dream should be to respond to Jesus in love, to go somewhere in God and live before His eyes, pleasing Him.

Our ministry may grow, or shrink.

We may have seasons of favour in the eyes of man, or periods of apparent lack of success.

Either way our dream should not be affected because our dream is to touch the heart of Jesus and be pleasing in His sight, not to build a big ministry.

Ministry might be our assignment, but it is not our dream.

It is important, but it is not our primary identity or purpose.


‘You shall love the LORD your God will all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind’. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself’. (Matthew 22: 36 – 39)



I’m so overwhelmed by God’s grace and love towards me right now.

By Holy Spirit’s Presence.

By His strong-extravagance towards my weak-attempts to love Him with all I am.


Last night I spent a beautiful evening with two oh-so-beautiful people. One years-old-through-the-storms-of-life friendship, and one brand-sparkly-new-but-such-a-blessing friendship; but the joy of laughter, and excitement about the things of Jesus, and encouragement, and silliness, just the same.

And I was just overwhelmed by God’s kindness and blessing towards me.

And today I booked my accommodation for my IHOP trip (check out http://www.goshenretreatcenter.com if you’re ever in KC!) and was just touched by the overwhelming kindness of the ‘strangers’ who offered help, and lifts to the airport, and the prayer room, and anywhere else.

By love displayed in action.

And I was just overwhelmed by God’s kindness and blessing towards me.


Just for who He is I am utterly thankful.

I am in love. Completely undone. Ruined for anything less. In love.

Jesus, be my dream, that I may pursue You alone.



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