Jaffa cakes and Jesus.

Someone told me today that I talk about Jesus a lot.

Actually, it was quite a big group of young people that shared this perspective with me.
Not in a bad way.
In a creative way.
We were making Jaffa cake animals… 
(What a way to start a story…. I told you I have a crazy youth worker hat… )
Anyway, we were making Jaffa cake animals as part of our team building activities… You know, make a freestanding animal out of 36 Jaffa cakes and a pack of cocktail sticks… You’ve all done that, right?
And one team of my young people made the following artistic effort…
Beautiful right?
But this is the bit that caught my attention…
And I was totally amused/bemused/bewildered by the fact that my vocally-non-Christian young people would put this in and be so visibly proud of their efforts.
So I asked them (straight-face-intact-but-holding-back-the-laughter), ‘What inspired you in your design of this phenomenally constructed Jaffa cake giraffe?’
And one lad replied, ‘You did Pete. I mean, you’re a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong, but you talk about Jesus all the time. He kind of comes out in all your conversations and points and all that. So we thought we better give God a mention in this too…’
And I thought back over the last two weeks that I’d been running training for this group. 
Employability and literacy training. 
About how to get a job. 
How to keep a job. 
And I thought about the sessions I’d planned and delivered. 
And the fun and laughs we’d had. 
And the trust and progress there was in this group.
And the learning that had taken place. 
And I thought about how I had never planned to get Jesus into the training. 
I’d not intended or orchestrated Him into the conversations. 
I’d not deliberately manipulated the topic.
He’d just always been there. 
At the centre of it all. 
Naturally taking His place.
Because He’s the centre of me. 
Residing over it all as the real point, the real motivation, and the real purpose.
At the centre of it all.
Naturally taking His place.
Because He’s the centre of me.
I love it when Holy Spirit just overflows out of your life, and heart, and speech when you don’t even realise it. It’s so humbling to be used in unexpected ways. And I pray that those seeds are the ones that remain in the lives of these young people, long after all temporary achievements and mile stones have faded.
Jaffa cake evangelism.
I love it.
And here were the other team’s efforts 🙂



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