My wonderful God: better than google maps and fixer of air con.

Today I braved the snowy elements to travel down to a beautiful hotel on the edge of Lake Windermere.

(I really, really love the men that drive snow ploughs!!)
I am here for a brief 36 hours with some of my most-inspiring-and-brilliant-minded colleagues to plan a youth work/celebration conference for later this year.
Talking about grassroots youth work.
About transforming communities.
About journeying, leading and learning.
We’re also making a film.
And launching some research.
And having a dinner.
Like you do.
And the views from my room are STUNNING!
(Please also pray for opportunities, boldness and sensitivity to Holy Spirit!)
Now the present (very serious) challenge is that we’re trying to turn the air con off in our meeting room and it’s so posh it doesn’t even have instructions. 6 college lecturers pressing buttons randomly and we can’t figure it out! Answers on a postcard…
On a different note, a few people have asked me about how I’m finding tithing my day to God now a full month has passed. 
So I gave it some thought on today’s drive…
5 things I have noticed in 36 days of tithing my time to God:

1. I’m worrying less. 
I’m presently busier than I’ve been in a long time, but yet I find I have more energy, am far less stressed and am able to think more clearly about things. 
It feels like I have more time. 
Enough time. 
More than enough time. 
Working from a place of rest instead of resting from a place of work.

2. I’m hearing from God more…
About the big and the little.
For myself and for others.
From the Word and through pictures and through His voice.
Through His Presence.
3. … And I am being bolder about sharing what I hear with others.
Last night being a good example.
God is so gracious to my weakness.
4. My preoccupations are changing.
I’m finding that Jesus is a more natural thought to me.
I’m talking to a real person.
And singing to a real person.
And gazing at a real person.
And God is captivating and fascinating me in a greater way.
5. I have more joy.
Holy-Spirit-being-my-best-friend joy.
Really silly-simple-funny example.
I was trying to find my hotel yesterday afternoon. 
I was obediently following Google maps. 
When my phone died. 
Totally died. 
And my iPad had no available wi-fi. 
And my work phone was out of signal. 
All of the technology in the world at my finger tips and no available assistance. 
Except prayer. 
So, I was driving through Glasgow with absolutely no idea where I was going, and absolutely no ability to phone for help… Not even a road name. I don’t really like city-driving and this problem would have historically made me feel a more-than-a-little-bit-anxious-or-flustered. 
But yesterday I just felt the assurance that God would direct me. 
I just had a peace. 
I prayed. 
And I heard Him say, ‘Peta, take this left, and then a right, and then you’ll see the hotel.’  
So I did. 
And there was the hotel. 
Right where God said it would be. 
I laughed so hard.
I love it when Holy Spirit shows Himself interested in the detail. πŸ™‚ 
Now I should start praying over the air con!!! πŸ™‚




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