Illuminating the miraculous in each moment.

I slept last night in one of the comfiest beds I have ever known.


(I’ve not been so tempted to steal a pillow in a long time!!)

Maybe I slept so well because I was shattered from the drive. Maybe because it was a pretty late night. Maybe because it was an epic three-course meal.

But when I got up early this morning to spend time with the Lord, sat in an oversized chair overlooking Lake Windermere, wearing the oversized-grey-cardigan-I-love-so-much, Bible open, mind fresh from a great sleep… I couldn’t help but be thankful.

Thankful for catch ups with now-decade-old friends and colleagues.

Thankful for thought-provoking-putting-the-world-to-rights-conversations.

Thankful for random-laugh-invoking stories. About how astro-turf is a real alternative to having grass in your garden. Only in London. Surely. About one-eyed family dogs. About over-eating and over-exercising and generally just living life well.

Thankful to God.

For who He is.

I was praying last night and thinking about the joy God is so graciously restoring and giving to me. And just as I prayed, one of my lovely fellow-bird-and-all-things-flowery-loving-friends sent me a beautiful little prayer:


My favourite things in life are examples of Your perfect beauty.

A sky so blue it reflects peace.

Friendships so strong they mirror Your faithfulness.

Happiness so deep it encompasses Your joy.

Your love for me and Your creation is even more vibrant.

Your radiance illuminates the miraculous in each moment.


I love it! Thankfulness about the detail, because God is in the detail. 

And because I couldn’t put it any better, I will leave that prayer with you to sum up my thoughts as I prepare to journey North. 

Happy day 🙂

Oh, and this is a glimpse of the hotel I’ve been in… (some folk were curious ;))




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