Planning and laughing and praying… and praying… and praying.

Today has been one of planning for the summer.



And making plane flights work.

And praying.

Always praying.

Now, I’m not one for planning things too-rigidly-and-within-an-inch-of-their-life (you know what they say about the best-laid-plans…), but some practicalities like when you’re actually going to fly into which country, and where you’re actually going to stay, do have to be answered.

At some point.

So, in my mind and budget at least, I should be ready to tackle some of these issues before the next week is out…

…And I would appreciate LOTS of prayer in making sure that all of these details are in alignment with God’s will and purposes.

Because without Him, it’s all wasted anyway.

And above all else I want to continually find myself in the smack-bang-in-the-centre of His will.

But honestly, this summer feels like a Big Deal (note the Capital Letters) in lots of lots of ways.

I’m not stressed, anxious, or worried.

I’m excited.

And hopeful.

And full of vision.

But, still, being in His will and living pleasing to His heart, is all my heart longs for.


I’ve been in touch with a lot of people.

A. Lot.

And there is SO much opportunity and need.

So much challenge in working to find creative ways to bring the love of Jesus to children and young people in a country that doesn’t widely recognise who Jesus really is.

So much hope in what Holy Spirit can do.

So many wonderful people who are offering time, and knowledge, and translation abilities and incredible insight where they can.

At present (but I’m still open to this changing!) I’ve narrowed it down to 4 organisations that have been particularly positive in wanting to work together, help with research and build longer term relationships… and they all look REALLY interesting/challenging/inspiring.

It’s a mix of Christian and non-Christian contacts.

And a real mix of work.

And a complete mix in future potential partnerships.

Man, I would SO appreciate your prayers on this.


One charity works with children within the care system in Japan, one works with young people leaving the care system and moving into independant accomodation, one organisation works to combat human trafficking, and the final is a University of Education (if you want more information on specifics then please just email/text/phone me).

Three are based in and around Tokyo, (although one also works throughout Asia), and one down in Nara (which may mean I get to achieve my daydream-pipedream-desire of road-tripping from Tokyo to Osaka!!)


And at the moment, there is a lot of flexibility and there are a lot of unknowns.

But there is also a lot of enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm about sharing learning and ideas.

Enthusiasm about sharing passion and practice.

And enthusiasm about what Holy Spirit is planning and arranging and moving into place.

And you know me, I’m always so, so excited when I think about the prospects of where God is taking this whole crazy, Spirit filled journey!!


So, please, PLEASE pray for me. Specifically for the following:

  • That plans would firmly start to come into place so that flights and practicalities can be booked.
  • But that these plans would remain flexible enough to be continually responsive to Holy Spirit’s direction.
  • That I would be obedient to pray and fast over these issues as God leads and not neglect those things in the practical zeal and enthusiasm.
  • That exciting work and partnerships would continue to develop both now and for the future.
  • That I would continue to know God’s provision in all areas.
  • That I would make the right call regarding accommodation, and which option(s) to pursue.
  • That we would see miracles and wide-open-faith-filled doors of opportunity.
  • And a huge ‘Thank You’ to God for all He has done, spoken and revealed so far!



I’ve also been training with a group of young people today, and one young guy said to me, “I saw you driving in your car the other day when you were just by yourself, and it made me ask myself the question, ‘Is there ever actually a time that you are not singing, smiling or laughing?”… in the crazy-Friday-captured-on-camera-activities they said one photo summed up my personality…





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