Jehovah Jireh and some great monopoly.

Another Sunday, another name of God 🙂

Jehovah Jireh.
The Lord will provide.
And the specific word for this morning…
Go and investigate what God has already given.
Remember who He is.
What He loves to do.
Seek first the Kingdom of God.
To speak about Jehovah Jireh when we are in some kind of need is a challenge to our faith.
We have to have the faith to believe what we are speaking about.
Because what God has done for us, He is still able to do.
He’s the same God who can meet us today.
And His mercies are new every morning.
Our pastor shared stories with us this morning. His stories. The stories of history. The stories of testimony.
About Jehovah Jireh.
Stories about groceries staying dry despite being left outside in torrential rain. 
Stories about orphans being fed by a broken down bread van. 
Stories about God providing the best for a situation. 
Always on time. 
Never late. 
Never early.
And God saying, ‘You have known me as Jehovah Jireh in the past. You will know me as Jehovah Jireh today’.
We came to Genesis 22. 
The story of Abraham and Isaac.
Where Abraham declares God as ‘Jehovah Jireh’.
What a challenge.
The challenge of immediate obedience. 
God speaks to Abraham and early the next morning he goes.
Straight away.
Despite what it would cost.
The challenge of absolute faith.
When Abraham leaves his servants he says, ‘We will return…’ 
WE will return.
Even though he is intending to slay his son, he believes they will both return.
That God could raise him up again.
The challenge to put God absolutely-first in life. 
Abraham has his knife in the air, prepared to give everything he has and all his dreams to God.
Abraham was so wanting to please God that he was prepared to put the purpose of God on the alter.
Because the Lord was more important.
He is more important.
Wow. What a challenge.
And especially a challenge to me on this crazy God-only-could-ordain-mission-and-opportunity-journey that I am presently on.
A challenge to be obedient to all of His commands.
To trust Jehovah Jireh in complete faith.
To keep Him as the centre.
Of it all.
And to know that He doesn’t call and not equip. He doesn’t lead and not provide. And He doesn’t leave us in visionless confusion. 
He provides the resources, the plan, the giftings, the ability, the perseverance, anything we need… all for His name’s sake.
I love walking this adventure hand-in-hand with the One who made the cosmos.
Putting my tiny hand in His, and having the simple faith of His daughter.
Knowing that He has called me to love the children of the world. To walk with both the poor and the powerful. To be a prophet of beauty and a restorer of broken dwellings. 
Knowing where He has called me to walk.
And to be a lover of Jesus first.
And as if to seal the very nature of the sermon, we got to hang out with Hudson Taylor’s Great-Grandson after the service…
 What a legend!!
And this afternoon… What a blessing!! Great chat, good food, belly laughs, sweet friendship and Monopoly.
Life. Is. Good! 🙂 



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