God isn’t looking for big, He’s looking for faithful.

I’ve been mulling over a couple of verses from the Song of Songs today.

Chapter 8 to be specific.  

Verse 5, ‘Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved?’

And verse 7, ‘If a man would give for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly despised’.

And this great quote, ‘The power to love is the reward itself’.

Nothing compares.

Nothing comes close.

Not to Him.


And the wilderness that we are coming up from in the position of love, speaks of weakness.

But in the wilderness, the seal of God (that seal of love that burns and marks us in verse 6) grows most effectively on our hearts.

And Jesus invites to lean.

To learn how to love.

To learn what love is.

By leaning.


The reward of verse 6 is found in the wilderness of verse 5.

The anointing to love is found in the desert place.


We come up from the wilderness in victory.

We arise in love.

Walking in love.

Learning that the power to love is the reward itself.

Because nothing else matters.

Except leaning in love.

And learning how to lean.


The love of God is the strength of our lives.

It’s our motivation.

We’re in the wilderness leaning because we’re lovers.

We’re leaning.

We want the wilderness, the weakness, because we want to grow in love.

And a lot of people say, ‘Once God delivers me, then I’ll be totally on fire for Him!’, ‘Once this place is over…’

I know I’ve said that time and time again.


But what I’m learning, over and over again, is that the wilderness is where God captivates my heart and ruins me for anything less than Him.

So, why does leaning show love? Isn’t leaning just us being carried out of a really bad season by a mighty-strong-God?

I don’t think that’s it.

Leaning is more than that.

Leaning is meekness.

It’s strength under restraint.

It’s when I deny myself out of love for Him.

Jesus described Himself as meek. Perfect power under perfect restraint.

The very Word of God, who outworked Genesis 1 with the awesome power of the Godhead, walked among us in human flesh and blood, calling Himself ‘meek’.

Or take Moses.

40 years of His life gaining strength, and becoming a somebody.

And then 40 years in the wilderness losing everything, and becoming a nobody.



And then He comes up from the wilderness, and we see his final 40 years of a nobody being used by the Somebody.

Victory at the heart level.

Because leaning is at the heart level.

Because love is at the heart level.


And I want to lean. And love. And come up from the wilderness.

And when I talk of weakness, I’m ok embracing that joyfully, so that I can be a nobody used by the Somebody.


We always talk about being strong in God.

But today I’ve been thinking that we should talk more about being weak in God.

Because Jesus took on our human weakness.

And He woos me in the wilderness.

And the voluntary acts of weakness that Jesus talks about in the Sermon on the Mount lifestyle; fasting, extravagant giving, denying myself, leaving everything… In those choices, I learn to lean.

I learn to be meek.

And the power to be a lover is more than enough.

‘Because love loves to love. And the reward of love is love’.


Oh Jesus, let me learn the narrow way.

Let me be faithful to Your heart.



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