A huge bell I’ll ring…

Today I’ve been speaking at a training and information event at our local Town House.

An event for professionals.
In a really posh building.

Really posh.
Super posh.
Filled with statues.
And chandeliers.
And grand pianos.
And ornately carved wood…
And a huge bell that you are in no-way-or-circumstance-ever-meant-to-touch-let-alone-ring.
But there’s something about being in a venue that posh that brings out the absolute child inside of me.
Because even when I’m wearing a suit… I’m secretly (or not so secretly) quite silly.
Because God made me not-so-secretly silly.
And all day, ALL day… I have SO wanted to ring that bell.
So much.
I mean just look at it ->
Is that not just asking to be rung?
Just because… Well…  You can!!?!
And two of my particularly amusing grown-men-but-not-inside co-presenters have been not-so-subtlety in on the joke.
So as I moved myself closer and closer to said bell as the long day went on, I caused much joy to the proceedings.
And laugh-out-loud private jokes amidst pretend-to-be-serious discussions made the day, well…. Fun!

And it made me think about the simple, uncomplicated joy of simply being a child in the Presence of Holy Spirit.
Of being silly.
Because I stand in awe of our Mighty, Mighty God and our Radiant King.
And sometimes when I approach His throne I fall on my face in worship.
And sometimes I can’t stand in His Presence.
But sometimes I remember He’s also my Daddy, and I just run full-pelt-giddy-with-excitment into His throne room, straight past the complex ornate design and the intricate heavenly patterns.
And I launch myself at Him.
Full of the joy and excitement of Holy Spirit.
And I’m silly.
And if there was a big bell in His throne room… I would no-doubt-probably, with the joy and innocence of a complete child… Ring it in worship of Him who is the giver of all my joy and all my life and all my laughter.
I would be undignified.
Which is really just another word for silly.
As that old Worship Circle song goes, ‘A loud song I sing, a huge bell I ring, a life of praise I live before You.’
I don’t think I’ll be able to sing that song without laughing anymore! 🙂
But that’s ok.
And just as I was leaving the venue, these thoughts in my mind, I came across this fine fellow ->
I think the Reverend Donald MacDonald is my new hero.
But I really hope he had the joy, joy, joy down deep in His heart… Somewhere 😉
I love it when Christians bring God’s joy to the proceedings.
Because in the Presence of God there is FULLNESS of joy (Psalm 16 v 11).
And I want Him to overflow from me in a life lived well.
Speaking of joy, my best friend wrote me a poem today. Every word was full of profound-and-deep-truth ;-). And it shone a little bit more joy into an already joyful heart. 
My blog is aptly named I think!




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