I’ve seen the sunrise.

This morning I had another really exciting email from a university in Japan about future work, contacts, opportunities etc etc etc.

Sometimes the little-coincidence-yet-miraculous ways God ‘connects’ you to others is just amazing.
Because it’s really only Him that could bring the connections together…
And then you remember that He is God… He did write this whole plan!
And you can’t help but get more-than-a-little-excited about where this whole crazy life-abandoned-for-Him journey is going.
By His grace.
Today I was running another days training, this time on the very, very, very wet Isle of Skye! Being a passenger (for a change) on a long drive through some of my favourite Highland scenery, gave me some good time to just think about all that God has done in these last six months.
All He is doing.
And all He is unfolding.
All He has restored.
And all He is restoring.
I love telling the stories of His provision, seeing the reminders of His grace, and the faith-ensuring way that I very often have no idea where-exactly life is heading.
But that’s ok.
More than ok.
Because I love Him.
And I trust Him.
A variety of situations this week have allowed me to really-see the healing that Holy Spirit has brought to me. 
Because in all honesty, if I were to backtrack a year, I was clinging onto Him for dear life and survival in the breaking point of the darkest 5-year-season that I have ever had to walk through. 
And circumstances had robbed me of a lot of joy.
I remember journaling that I felt like a little girl, on a tiny, broken raft, in a big, stormy ocean, not really sure when or if I would ever see the light shine through the dark cloudy horizon.
But the Light did shine.
And He did rescue.
Just like He said He would.
Right on time.
And this week I realised that much of the healing He has promised is complete.
Still being worked through and sealed, but yet also still complete.
Because He satisfies my soul.
And has proved His Word true.
A friend of mine was looking at photos of me as a kid the other day, and she saw one of me, 5 years old, roaring with laughter of a park swing as I flew into the air… And she just said, ‘Peta, that’s you now! That’s what you’re like now!’
And if I can trust Him, and hear Him, and see Him in such undoubtable ways in each and every moment of each and every day… How can I ever doubt the promises and dreams He has given me for the future.
And as He uses me to restore young people, and speak healing to hearts, and see fruit and favour that I can only be humbled by… How can I ever doubt the way that He sees me and the fact that He is deeply interested in me.
And as He draws me into the deep places of loving His heart, and praying His purposes and never getting tired of gazing into His eyes of fire… How can I ever doubt that His gentle-yet-powerful voice is Truth.
And this week some circumstances have tested, but it has shown His healing and firm foundation only stronger, His light only brighter, and His love only fiercer. 
My beautiful God.
Protector of my heart.
Keeper of my heart.
Right next to His own.
Where it belongs.
Where it fits.
I am reminded of some Kristene Dimarco lyrics:
The darker the night, the brighter the day.
The fiercer the fight, the stronger the faith.
The deeper the sin, the stronger the blood.
The more to forgive, the more reason to love.
In Your ways I know, redemption is so much greater than perfection.

And I can only be continually thankful that I am His redeemed daughter, plucked from the storm by mercy unending and love all-consuming and grace that just undoes me. 
Last night my Church finished a precious time of prayer by praying in unity for each other.
For a passion for the lost.
For the zeal of Holy Spirit.
For holy boldness.
And as we stood together, joining hands, being family, I suddenly just felt a little overwhelmed.
I looked to my left and saw my honouree-church-Dad.
I looked to my right and saw one of my precious like-a-little-sister girls.
I looked across the room and caught the gaze of a young woman I had the privilege of leading to the Lord 10 months ago.
I looked.
I took in every face.
And I was so blessed. Overwhelmed.
By these connections with others.
That only God could bring together.
The real friendship, and family and love that there is.
And I realised that whether that’s the now-well-grafted-friendships in Inverness, or the brand-new-soon-to-be-friendships-in-Japan, or the many, many precious ones I am privileged to stand with around the globe, I am humbled to take my place in this family of Jesus, and pray in His plan as it unfolds in these days, and trust that although walking with Him does not mean an easy or comfortable life, it does mean a fulfilling and joyful one.
Because joy really does come with the morning.
I’ve seen the sunrise.



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