Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Jesus,

Thank you so much for the most lovely Valentine’s Day, filled with the sweetest, laughter-touched blessings. I especially give you thanks for:

1) The fact two of my most beautiful and wonderful friends came with me on my road-trip to Dundee today. Just because they could. Even though I had meetings. Just to keep me company.

2) My Director telling me that I looked great and happy… Even thought I was wearing my slightly-too-casual-hat to a manger’s meeting! 🙂

3) My friends making me special, delicious, heart-shaped biscuits. I am loved.

4) Getting an array of Valentine’s texts and random invites from friends… Just to remind me that this year is one of freedom and blessings and love.

5) The stunning Cairngorm views.

6) A really special Valentine’s poem arriving as a complete surprise to make me smile and brighten an already bright day.

7) Mr/Dr/Professor Noodle. Enough. Said.

8) Not getting lost. Even in a Kingussie detour.

9) A laugh-out-loud return journey, based on elderflower sweets, uncomfortable seats, laughing-so-hard-that-you-can’t-breath-and-actually-have-tears-streaming-down-your-cheeks, random, random conversation and moments you could only share with friends.

10) Being made the best cup of Earl Grey before heading back to a warm house.

Thank you Jesus, for every blessing. For reminding me that I am loved.

And for loving me.




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