I want to be a dwelling place. His.


I’ve been thinking today about the importance of rooting everything in prayer. 


Every friendship, every conversation, every thought, every moment, stemming from a place of inner dialogue with Holy Spirit.
Of knowing His heart.
Of hearing what pleases Him.
Of talking to Him.
Of understanding how the Word applies and lives and breathes.
And in practice this is something I’m pressing into, to take hold of.
To really learn.
To really lean.
It means keeping that quiet-heart-space, that daily sabbath principle, and that peace which He so readily gives, in order that my heart may become a resting place for His beautiful Presence.
A resting place.
A home.
I long for my heart to not simply be a place where Holy Spirit can visit as a temporary-fleeting-guest in my momentary-distracted-thoughts, but a place where He can dwell.
Take permanent, captivating, fascinating residence.
So that He can abide in me.
And I in Him.
To quiet down my busy mind and just be with Him.
Even in the busy days and weeks of life.
Psalm 84 says, ‘How lovely is Your dwelling place, O Lord Almighty!’
Just wow.
That He dwells in me, and He calls that place lovely.
My heart is made and transformed and redeemed into something lovely by the beautiful Kingship of our beautiful Jesus.
And as He takes my heart to a continual place near His altar (verse 3), He helps me to learn that dwelling, and forever praising (verse 4) really means cultivating this on-going connection in which I am rooted, deeply, deeply rooted in Him. 
Abiding in Him.
Talking to Him.
That more than just singing and more than just painting and so much more than any kind of doing, this reality takes me into that place of being in His courts (verse10) and setting my heart upon Him (verse 5).
Continually setting my heart upon Him.
And from that place of prayerful rest, I pass through the valley of Baka, and Holy Spirit in me, makes it a place of springs (verse 6).
I pass through.
I soar.
He turns my mourning into dancing.
I get His perspective.
The real perspective.
The place-of-prayer perspective.
The dwelling-place perspective.
He takes me from strength to strength (verse 7) just as He always promised He would.
And He teaches me how to live pleasing to His heart.
He gives me joy unspeakable.
He really, really does.
I am humbled that my weak love moves the heart of such a mighty God. I am floored that Holy Spirit would be so utterly stoked to dwell in my tiny life. I am undone that the eyes of Jesus burn with abundant love for me.
Blessed is the one who trusts in You (verse 12).
Truly, utterly blessed.
Or as Harvest Bashta sings, ‘This is my occupation, this is my job description, all of my days I will gaze upon the man Jesus.’



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