Jehovah Nissi, I want to be with You.


I am in awe of You.
I am so completely in love with You.
Filled with a desire to please Your heart, and know You more, and run to You in all my weakness.
Knowing that You are enough.
More than enough.
My soul’s sufficiency.
My heart’s true desire.
My mind’s preoccupation.
All my joy. And all my peace. And all my hope. And all my desire.
My everything.
I abandon to You all of my dreams, and all of my hopes and every-particle-of-who-I-am, knowing and trusting that I am fully safe and fully secure and fully redeemed in You.
Knowing that as I dwell on Your purity, I am changed.
That my desires become joined to Yours.
Fashioned to Your heart.
Because we are one.
I am Yours. And You are mine.
My beloved.
Knowing that as I run to You with all my strength, that You take my hand and pull me closer and equip me with Your strength for the journey.
And my greatest joy, my greatest privilege, my-favourite-place-in-the-whole-cosmos, is just to be with You.
To be with You where You are.
Because You satisfy my soul with Your love.
You more than satisfy my soul.
My soul’s security.
My heart’s identity.
My mind’s focus.
My everything.
I had this picture this morning in our time of worship at Church as I prayed this prayer and sang these words from my heart. 
So in my spiritual mind’s eye, I could see this scene.
I was running.
I was running on a dirt track through a forest.
It was beautiful, stunning scenery.
The dazzling sun was shining down and illuminating my path.
The trees were a deep, radiant green.
The path was clear.
And the views took in a panoramic mountain landscape as far as my eyes could see.
And I was running for the distance.
My pace was good, my breathing steady, my endurance strong.
I was focused and I was happy.
There was a long way to still run, and I didn’t quite know the destination, but that was ok.
And in the natural, I began to sing a song of thanks to Jesus for who He is, for being the reason that I could run with joy and perseverance.
A song of thanks to Holy Spirit for being my strength for the journey.
A song of thanks to Abba for shining over me with His dazzling radiance.
So back in my vision, I saw me running my race.
But this time Jesus was running next to me.
Slightly ahead, just enough to keep my pace consistent.
Speaking words of encouragement.
Being the reason I was steady and focused.
Being the reason.
And as I sang out my words of thanks and praise in the natural, in my vision, Jesus reached out His hand to me, grabbed ahold of my hand, and pulled me to match His pace.
As His hand touched mine, I felt such an energy fill me.
Supernatural energy.
Holy Spirit’s equipping for the race.
And Jesus said to me, ‘Keep running Peta. For there is more on this journey than you can even imagine, and my equipping is more beautiful than You have yet seen, and My strength is more than enough for your weakness. I am here. I am your soul’s sufficiency. Keep running.’
I love that as I think about this race today, that Jesus is my inspiration, that Holy Spirit is my ever-present companion, and that Papa cheers me on with the zeal only my Heavenly Father could have.
Our pastor talked today from Exodus 17.
Jehovah Nissi.
The Lord is my Banner.
We started off remembering the old song, ‘He is the flag flying high in the castle of my heart.’
Because we run this race declaring whose side we are on by raising a banner for Jesus.
And it is time to raise our hands towards heaven and believe that the Lord is our victory.
It’s like Moses could have said, ‘When I lifted my hands up, I was making a declaration that I was on the Lord’s side, that we were on the Lord’s side, and that He is our victory.’
And this is a body ministry.
We need people to hold our hands up daily.
But our victory is in Jehovah.
Our victory.
In Jehovah.
Signified by the raising of our hands.
When we lift our hands, in recognition that our victory is in Jesus, a great shuddering fear goes through the enemy camp.
Because Jehovah has won every victory.
Never failing.
Never changing.
And in Him, I run to win.
Hands raised.
Banner flying.
Faith renewed.
Jehovah Nissi.
Wow. What a Saviour.
The God of heaven will give us success.
And nothing will take His praise out of my mouth.



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