Why I love lounge pants.

As I sit to write today’s blog post, it is just after 7pm.

The house is warm.

I’m chilled out after a long day at work.

I’m full from eating a large portion of great Mexican food… (I do really love Mexican food!!)

I’m about to do a couple more hours on my essay.

I’m feeling happy and motivated.

And this is signified by the fact I’m already in my favourite-chill-out-outfit-and-posture-of-all-time…

… Lounge pants and a T-Rex T-shirt.

Make-up-free, slightly-untamed-lion-haired, clashing lounge pants and an oversized T-Rex T-shirt.



Now some people would call ‘lounge pants’ pyjamas… But then I’d feel bad about wearing them this early in the evening.

Lounge pants is a far more acceptable term in civilised circles.

Because you know, you lounge in them.

And then we pretend to be American and call them pants-not-trousers.


And as I sit, feeling as comfortable as I ever will be, make-up-free, slightly-untamed-lion-haired, I feel like… Well… Me.

The me that God loves, and treasures, and sees as beautiful.

The me that isn’t out to look right or impress anyone.

The me that’s just… Well… Me.


So (random-brain-link-warning!), lounge pants are reminding right now of the-oh-so-wonderful reality that God-really-does-think-I’m-wonderful.

And here are 5 reasons why:

1. Lounge pants are comfortable. And they remind me that I am most at home in the Presence of Holy Spirit, who is all comfort and all peace.

2. Lounge pants are colourful. And they remind me that God is a God of joy and creativity and beauty.

3. Lounge pants are warm. And they remind me of the security and embrace I find in my Heavenly Papa and no where else.

4. Lounge pants always fit well, even after Mexican. And they remind me that I can always run to Jesus and not away from Him, because He always makes a way back, and always fits me back into His heart.

5. Lounge pants are the thing I would choose to wear ALL the time if I-in-any-way-could. And they remind me of how I always want to radiate Holy Spirit, wearing the garments that He has given me in Grace.



Now, random funny story to finish this random funny blog post.

I always study, whether it be Japanese or Theology or Community Education, in my lounge, books sprawled out around me, posture-ever-so-slightly-bad, laptop blaring music or Japanese vocabulary at the top of its speaker-capacity.

And I often joke with my house-mate that she will subconsciously reach Japanese fluency through hearing my audio flash cards on a daily-basis-annoyingly-frequent-amount. She always tells me this is ridiculous. However, the other day she was mockingly impersonating me speaking Japanese, when she actually said, ‘私は…’ which is the Japanese for ‘I’m…’ … She even said it in the feminine form..

Becca. Fellow-Japanese-learner. I salute you. 

(It didn’t really take me two hours to write this post. I was interrupted by two lovely conversations with two lovely friends…!)


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