Why I love to sing. And get a haircut.

I’m in a place right now where I’m overwhelmed-thankful-brimming-with-praise thinking about answered prayer.

Miraculous in the big and the small, God breaking through in the extraordinary and the mundane, leaning on His everlasting arms, answered prayer.

I met with my Church elders last night to talk through all God had done and said in these last 6 months; all He has spoken of for these next 6 months… And as I shared about the abundance of answered prayer, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness.


In the best, possible ever way.

Overwhelmed by all He has said, and done, and promised.

By all He has proven true.

And I felt so incredibly loved and accepted and encouraged by a precious and humble Church family.

And I felt so incredibly loved and accepted and encouraged by a precious and humble King called Jesus, who has been so abundantly faithful in answering my every heart’s cry and deepest longing. 

But yet the quote that has summed by my mind-heart-soul meditations throughout last night and this morning is just this:

The reward of prayer is the Answerer.

Think about it.

Really think.

The true reward.

The Real Thing.

The purpose in it all.

Is Him.

The Answerer.

The Answer.

Abba. Father. Papa. Jesus. Prince of Peace. Messiah. Holy Spirit. Comforter. Holy Fire. Living Water.

My great reward.

Think about Him.

Really think.

And as I drove home last night, and as I drove to the office this morning, and as I went about the activities of my day I found this thought the captivating point of my mind’s eye.

And I was filled with the desire to sing.


To praise.

With everything.

So, if you’d observed me driving about Inverness in the last 48 hours, music blaring, voice blazing, mouth laughing, one hand outstretched in worship as my simple-to-drive automatic car took care of itself… You may have been forgiven for thinking that I was just-a-little-bit-strange.

But I was really just lost in worship.


In the best possible way.

Because He is my Great Reward.

And I do love to sing.


Today I also got a haircut.

Much overdue.

Much needed.

For one day at least, the lion-hair is tamed! 🙂


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