Me and my piano.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a pianist. 

Not really.

A singer? Yes.

A guitarist? Yes. Probably.

But a pianist? I’m not so sure.

Maybe more of one who just dabbles, or knows a few chords, or has an interesting technique.

A kind-of-pretend-pianist-who-enjoys-playing-but-doesn’t-really-have-the-expertise? Yes.

That’s me.

But you know something? When I’m stressed, or I need to press into the Presence of God, or I need to wind down in my spirit, or quiet my heart and mind, or work out a song, or just really sit at His feet… I find myself at my piano.


Shoes off. Cross-legged on my piano stool. Bible open. Eyes shut. Singing to Him. Hearing Him sing back.

Gazing into those eyes of fire.

Feeling Holy Spirit all around.

Singing the Word. Seeing the colours of heaven. Experiencing the realities of Abba.


It’s always been that way. 

For as long as I can remember.


When I was growing up my Dad was the caretaker of a huge-HUGE-Church building in Devon, and because of this, we lived on the premises. 

And the Church had a Steinway grand piano. 

And the Steinway grand was just asking to be played by a tiny, blond-haired-girl who had hours to kill whilst her Dad arranged and fixed and cleaned and polished and tinkered.


I must have only been 4 or 5 years old when I first sat at that huge-worth-about-£30,000-grand piano, shoes off, feet-swinging and not being able to touch the floor, no real knowledge of music, and sang to my Heavenly Papa.

Single notes.

Carefree voice.


And I heard Him respond.

In love. Always in love.

And so I practically figured out where middle C was on the piano, as I spiritually learnt how to enter into His Presence.

With the faith of a child.

And the response of a God who is so kind, and loving and gracious.

And that place, right there, that’s how I grew to love music. And the Word. And to recognise God’s voice. And enjoy Him.

Enjoy His Presence.

To spend hours in His Presence.

It always makes me laugh to think that I was completely unaware of how unusual it was to have access to a piano so precious as one so young. And it always makes me smile to think that I was completely unaware of how unusual it was to spend that much time in the Presence of God because it was the most natural thing in the whole-wide-world.

It always has been.

It still is.


Today I was sitting back at my piano, singing some simple words from a Laura Hackett song, ‘Sometimes, you’ve got to sing your way into the Truth, you’ve got to sing your way into the Truth, you’ve got to sing your way into the Truth, that He really satisfies.’

And I was thinking about how that’s been my testimony, not just these last years, but my whole life.

Because when I sing the Word to Him, and when I hear Him sing back, and when I proclaim Truth with my voice, and I hear Him proclaim it back over my life, I cannot doubt that He completely satisfies.

That He is more than enough.

That He has always been faithful.

It’s always been that way.

For as long as I can remember.

And it always will be.


And so me and my piano really just reminds me that I am my Papa’s daughter.

Shoes off, feet swinging, voice singing, knowing that my simple chords and my simple melody move His heart.

Because He sings over us.

He really does.




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