Gathered. United. One.

When I woke up this morning I was challenged in my time with God about being grounded in faith.

Hebrews 11 kind of faith.

Steadfast. Fixed. Determined.

Knowing who I am in God, and standing fixed on His promises kind of faith.
Rooted in Holy Spirit.
And then, the sermon in our Church today just carried on the challenge.
(Seriously, go to and listen to the message from today… SO good!!) 
It was based on a single verse from Acts 2 v 1: ‘When the day of Pentecost had come they were all together in one place…’
But it moved us into considering Jehovah Shammah: the Lord is Present.
The Lord is here.
Never leaving.
The final words from the book of Ezekiel.
The people of God, gathered together in this central high place.
They gathered in Ezekiel 46, to see the release of the Spirit in the river of Ezekiel 47.
Just like they gathered in Acts 2, to see the release of the Spirit at Pentecost.
We need Holy Spirit poured out through the gathering of God’s people in one place.
The essential ingredient is Holy Spirit.
When we are gathered together.
When Holy Spirit comes, He does it.
We can’t do it, but He can. 
Only Holy Spirit can come and make these things happen.
So we want to be the place where He can come.
So where does the Church, the body, find the Holy Spirit?
We an have our individual and personal experiences, but Holy Spirit comes in greater power when the Church is collectively together in one place.
The people of God and God are the majority.
Yes, we individually receive, but there is greater measure in the collective.
There is a multiplication that happens.
They came to that place in Acts 2, where they were found in the river of Ezekiel 47.
We are living stones being built into a temple.
The gathering of God’s people.
We weren’t created to be isolated individuals, we were created to be connected and part of the whole.
So, where was this one place they were gathering in on the day of Pentecost?
It was a physical location. Jesus had gathered them in one place before His ascension. This is His heart. 
We have to be there in one place for God to do something that He can only do through a body.
God works through the stability and continuity of these relationships.
It was a unified vision and purpose. There is a very clear vision for the Church. 
Acts 1 v 8: ‘You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes in you and you shall be my witnesses…’
A simple but great vision of which we are all apart.
A simple but great truth that we can surrender to and serve within.
In this there is a power that God has given to the Church; the collective.
Because in this place we are blessed and multiplied.
It was the collective gathered in one spiritual place. With one mind they were continually devoting themselves to prayer. 
His house shall be called a House of Prayer.
The one descriptive term He uses to describe His house.
Prayer brings God to the centre.
They came to the place of Pentecost desperate and knowing their need. In the wilderness. Convinced that they were empty and couldn’t do it.
Total dependancy.
Given up on themselves.
Blessed are the poor in spirit… For their’s is the Kingdom of heaven.
The poor in spirit are those who are convinced of their own spiritual need.
The corporate place of dependancy on God.
Complete reliance on God.
That drove them to prayer. 
Nothing but Jesus.
There were no conflicts in that place, because dead men don’t fight. They were in a place of weakness. No pride.
Poor in spirit and candidates for the Presence of God.
It’s time for prayer in the house of God.
As one.
In the One.
Oh Papa, let me recognise my weakness, so that as a part of Your bride, I can learn to lean, persevere in prayer, and be a blessing to Your Church. Unite us in You. As united we stand. Amen.



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