Overwhelmed by love.

Today as we took communion I felt overwhelmed by the love of God.
By His mercy.
By my need of His mercy.
But I was amazed again by His sweet, abundant love that undoes me again.
Again and again.
Because there was a time when I thought that the law had condemned me to a life of slavery.
When my hope was dim and my vision narrow.
Until He came.
With His bright, shining light.
Until He came and showed me that His love brought the law of freedom and life.
That He told me He chose me.
That I was His.
And that I could be yoked to Him.
Walking His way.
In the path of His ways and in the life He gives.
This morning in my devotional time I was listening to a beautiful song with these lyrics that just captured the cry welling up in my heart, ‘I don’t want to speak about any other lovers, You’re the only One and there will be no other for me now.’
Because that’s it.
That’s it!
No one else comes close to Jesus.
Not for me.
Not to His love.
Not to His mercy.
And there will never be any other for me now.
No other Lord.
No other name that I would rather have on my lips.
And as I sat around the communion table, thinking about these things, moved again by the reality of it all, these were the words that we were singing, ‘I will serve no foreign god, or any other treasure. You are my heart’s desire.’
Because He is.
My heart’s desire.
More than any other treasure.
And nothing with me wants to do anything but please His heart in response to the love and mercy He has given.
I would rather be great in the eyes of the Lord than esteemed by the viewpoints of anyone or everyone else on the planet.
To just touch His heart.
And run to Him in my weakness.
Knowing that He promises that His strength is sufficient for me.
More than enough.
His power made perfect in my weakness.
My weakness, but His strength.
When you get your head around that, it’s humbling, beautiful, undoing love.
The message in my Church today looked at the simplicity, yet centrality, of the question, ‘Am I a Christian?’
Some questions don’t matter.
But this one effects our eternity.
Forever and ever and ever and ever…
The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch.
Step 1. They heard Good News! Not doom and gloom news… Good news about Jesus. The miracle worker, the God man, the hope of the world, the Messiah.
Step 2. They believed it. Even though those preaching were from a totally different cultural background. They knew it was true. There is power in the name of Jesus. And His name makes the difference. The messenger does not matter because it is the message that has the power. The hand of the Lord is on us as we go.
Step 3. They turned to it. You can believe something but not turn to it. They turned to Jesus, and turned from their old lives. They came to a place of repentance. They said, ‘I will serve no foreign god… We are turning to Jesus’.
Step 4. They displayed the evidence. Barnabas saw the evidence of the grace of God. This is his first time in Antioch. He did not know what the people had been, he could only see what they had become. The evidence is in what we have become. 
That the evidence of the grace of God might be displayed from my life.
It’s who He is making us.
Thank You Papa. Thank You, thank You and thank You again.

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