Theology lesson 101.

Today has been a good day. 

A good day.

An important day. A productive day. A happy day. A laugh-out-loud day.

A day where God has brought wonderful fruitfulness.

In conversations, through actions and from friendship.

A few things stay in my mind as I sit to write…

1. Today I got to witness my team pull off one of the biggest events of our year by pulling young people and employers together in a way that created real jobs for those who just-needed an opportunity. I work with some incredibly inspirational individuals who are passionate about creating opportunities for young people and keeping them at the centre of all we do. And today I was humbled by seeing my whole team in action, doing what they do best, and working flat out to pull something that seemed unachievable into reality. Amazing. 

2. Today I got to witness the young people that many others had ruled off, or looked down on, or said had no chance at changing, pull out all the stops and step out to prove a different future was possible. Over 40 of our young people donned suits, pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, laughed a lot, and impressed the socks off employers. And today I was humbled by spending time talking and encouraging and being just-a-little-bit-silly to alleviate nerves, and seeing some opportunities that had once seemed unachievable become a reality. Amazing.

3. Today I got to have yet more laugh out loud moments with my wonderful housemate. Loving our addiction to Belvita breakfast biscuits and tea. Loving the hilarity that we can never remember to buy toilet roll (although tonight we outdid ourselves and brought 18 rolls, so visitors for the next while will be in for an-Andrex-treat!!) Loving eating out with the girls in a restaurant that I felt far too posh be in (I was still in my super-sweet-dress-suit from work!) And today I was humbled by the simple joys of real friendship, that God uses to refresh you when you’re a little bit tired.


Tonight, Becca was sharing some reflections on a Christa Black sermon she had been listening to over the weekend. The key point was this…

Theology 101. God is good. The devil is bad.

I love it.

Because sometimes truth is just that simple. 

And often the simple things are that which God uses to bring beauty.


I brought my team members thank you presents today, just to let them know I was so proud of them and appreciated their hearts. 

Such a simple thing.

And one of them text me tonight saying, ‘I just want to say thank you… It’s funny when you use the word inspiring linked to me, and such a compliment. You are by far the most inspirational woman I know, you have such exciting goals for you future and it’s a pleasure being part of your life. Thank you for having faith in me.’

That is humbling. 

Really humbling.

Because the thing is, my team aren’t Christians. The young people I work with aren’t Christians. Yet.

But it’s the simple things, the simple truths, and the simple words than God uses to bring truth.

That He is good.

So, so, good.

And I am now a little tired, a little full, and a little reflective. But so thankful for today. And for the fruit He brings.





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