Elohim, His river hasn’t stopped flowing.

Today’s name of God is found in Genesis 1 v 1-3.
We find this name a number of times in the Old Testament.
Elohim is Creator God.
‘In the beginning God created…’
Isaiah 40 says, ‘He spread out heavens like a canopy’
The extents of the universe that no one has ever fathomed, are the parts of the cosmos that He drew out like His curtains.
I am thankful to serve Creator God.
Psalm 139 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. He knows all parts of my frame.
This matters. 
It means I am here by purpose and not chance.
The days of my life are not simply chance. Hope for my life comes from the reality that my steps are written in the purpose-filled book of Creator God who moulds things according to His eternal plans.
It means that God takes the weakest and makes them strong.
We can know the strength of God in our experience.
It means that because of Creator God I know where it is going. I was created in His image, ruined by sin, but I am being rebuilt into the likeness of precious Jesus.
Elohim is Community God.
‘El’ is a singular word, because we serve one God. But ‘Ohim’ is plural. One God, and yet with a plurality.
Father. Son. Holy Spirit.
A Godhead.
A singular ‘El’, but with a plural nature.
In the beginning, God the Father was there.
And God said, and spoke the Word, who is Jesus.
And the Spirit of God is moving over the water.
Three. In. One.
Elohim is the God who changes situations.
The earth was formless.
A shapeless blob, hanging in water.
Formless. Dark. Empty.
And God begins to change it.
He brings light.
The first thing He does is dispel the darkness and bring light.
And then He brings order. 
To chaos.
And then He deals with the emptiness.
He fills the empty, and gives it glorious purpose.
That is an illustration of what He is still doing today in the lives of men and women.
When Jesus walked on the earth, He met people who were dark and empty and without purpose and meaning. Until they met Him. And He brought light, and order and beautiful vision. 
He brings restoration.
Elohim is still alive and well. He is still bringing light into darkness. He is still bringing fullness to the glory of His wonderful name.
There is hope.
And there is change.
The Spirit of God is here because we asked Him to come.
It’s a choice. To walk in that now. To go deeper now. To open up your heart up.
Ezekiel 37… The dry bones will live.
The fullness of God is measured out for you.
To break our walls down.
His name is Elohim

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