Happy times at NextGen…

Stage one of the journey is complete.

It’s been a great journey (ask Becca for the hilarious stories about the guy on the flight who assured her he WAS NOT a terrorist, even though he looked like one and got excited when a woman with crutches ‘put her weapons away’!!)

So I have sat at the beautiful piano in the worship room here and had precious time with God. We have met as a team and prayed for Holy Spirit to have His way in every part. And we are about to sit down and eat great Chinese food.

I cannot even put into words how much joy being here has already given me. I am with some of my favourite ever people, and some of my closest and most inspirational friends. 

And I have already laughed so hard my stomach hurts. 

And received from God. 

And drank about 10 cups of tea.

And we have a bit of a flyer competition going on.

Obviously, my favourite (yellow, kingdom of heaven inspired one that Derrick designed!) is winning! 😉 (much to Joel’s disgust and Derrick’s joy!)

Life is so sweet.

Spirit break out.




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