Mission Possible.

This was the mission we set the guys at the conference last night, and wow. Just wow.

God blows my mind with His goodness, His fruit and how He does more than we could ask or imagine.

To start with, I got to run the training for this session with my dear friend Sam… Probably one of my favourite people to joint-preach with! Secondly, I got to witness new and old friends stepping out of their comfort zones and into conversations with strangers, acts of kindness and prayers on the streets. Amazing! And so humbling. And finally, I got to share the Gospel with an amazing group of teenage girls from Milton Keynes.

Three girls. Sarah. Katie. Emily. Lots of questions about God. Lots of views about Jesus. Lots of appreciation for my clashing clothes.

And then I asked if I could pray for them.

And Sarah said, ‘Can we kneel down and pray properly?’

Now, bearing in mind I had just run training telling people to in no way embarrass those they were offering prayer, this was a slight dilemma…. But the girls were adamant…

So, me, Sarah, Katie and Emily knelt down in a circle in the middle of the biggest shopping centre in Milton Keynes on a busy Saturday night (they even put their hands together in front of them) and prayed that God would bless their lives, and their studies, and their families, and their dance competitions, and show that Jesus was who He said He was.


That actually happened.

In the middle of Milton Keynes.

God seriously has a sense of humour! ๐Ÿ™‚


Other massive answers to prayer today include:

1) My other seminar went really well – thank you for praying!

2) The freedom in worship has been precious.

3) The fellowship has been inspiring. And hanging out with Sylvia, who has lived through a revival in Sarawak and seen God do the incredible … Inspirational is not even the word! Praying with her has been epic!

4) God has really affirmed my own calling to Japan and I have met some incredible people who share the same heart and just prayed with them in wonderful agreement and intercession.

5) We just finished a half night of prayer for the nations, and again wow. I am humbled to lead worship for individuals who really lead me. And so excited about where He is taking this whole story. Below is some of what God has been speaking to us over Japan.





And here’s some more conference hilarity… The last photo is me in Ollie’s epic outdoor wear! I’m just too cool for school! ๐Ÿ˜‰






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