It’s now 5.30am here…

It’s just after 5.30am here.

The sky is still dark and the morning still cold.

(I think that means it’s now mid morning in the UK.)

And I have just got up, walked the two-minute-trek from my apartment to the prayer room, and am now sitting here, joining a busy prayer meeting for Jerusalem.

Jaye Thomas is leading worship.

And the Presence of God is tangible.



That was what hit me yesterday. 

Really hit me.

The tangible Presence of God here.

I walked into the prayer room, and it felt like coming home.

Not because I feel some call to move here, or live in America (although this global/prayer missions movement does just excite every part of my being), but because walking into a community of believers, hungry for His Presence and praying in His purposes, being in a place where His name is truly loved, that can’t not feel like coming home. 

I couldn’t leave. 

I sat slightly-jet-lagged, knowing I should really be in my bed, but yet captivated afresh by Jesus, this Mighty, Loving Saviour who has done everything to call me friend.

It struck me again how earthly worries and distractions just fade in His Presence.

In that place where His love consumes every part of our vision and focus.

‘Dreams I thought could never die, are fading now before Your eyes. Future hope now floods my mind, of endless days right by Your side.’

They were some amazing lyrics that were sung yesterday.


Don’t get me wrong, the dreams that He has given me as sweet treasure still burn in that place of love for Him (I wrote about 4 pages of prophetic words for Japan yesterday!)

But they are the overflow of loving Him, not the focus. 

Because He is the One Thing.

And dreams that aren’t in that overflow simply fade away. 

The distractions die. 

Because they are not the One Thing.

Jesus is.


So beautiful, so awesome, so great, and yet He who went to such great lengths to save me so that I could be with Him forever.


I love the revelation of Jesus.

It fills my spirit with life.

It brings peace to my soul.

This is the sweetest part of my day.


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