Seeing like God sees.

I’ve been thinking about the faith that rises within us when we really see things in the way that God sees.

When we have those moments in His Presence where our eyes are opened to see a glimpse of what He is doing and thinking and feeling.

Two Old Testament stories have been in my heart.

Ezekiel 37, where human eyes see only bones, but God’s sight reveals a mighty, resurrected army.

And 2 Kings 6, where human eyes see defeat, but God’s sight reveals the miraculous victory that comes when the armies of heaven fight for His people.

Because sometimes it feels like our tiny-human-vision is the reality.

But it’s not.

Seeing like God sees is the reality.

His big-panoramic-the-miraculous-is-normal-vision.

And it’s never hopeless.


I’ve been praying a lot for unreached people groups (not to mention unreached friends and colleagues and young people).

And sometimes with our human vision, the task seems unsurmountable.

Millions who have never heard the Gospel.

Thousands in the valley of decision.

But faith rises when Holy Spirit reveals His heart, His plan and His vision.

Because the dry bones will live.

And victory rises for the weak.

Because He is strong.


Here is what has come out artistically from these meditations…


I will put my Spirit in you and you will live (Ezekiel 37).


Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes (2 Kings 6 v 7).


One thought on “Seeing like God sees.

  1. Have lost ALL my email contacts, due to being hacked yesterday, so just emailing you and asking you to email me back so i can save your address thanks



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