Blessings at Exodus Cry.

So today I left my prayer room retreat to head down to the Exodus Cry offices and meet some of the team who make up the abolition arm of IHOP-KC. (If you haven’t seen ‘Nefarious’ or heard of these guys then head to NOW!!).

And man, I am feeling blessed! 

God is so good when He opens up these opportunities… And it’s amazing and humbling to see how His hand works to bring about these global connections in a mightier way than I ever could.

I spent a really great couple of hours sharing stories about God’s healing, hearing about some the of the inspirational work that is coming out of this movement just now, and praying with some wonderful folk who share the same heart for uniting deep prayer and working with the broken to see His Kingdom grown.

Many thanks to my new fellow-English-friend Helen, who gave me a familiar accent and the warmest welcome!


And I was so humbled to be prayed for by this precious team.

Like, seriously humbled.

They prayed for the strengthening of my spirit, my work in the UK, but also His plan for me in Asia and the transition I’m making into this new season. 

And these guys were really hearing from God over me.

Like, those moments where God answers the silent-unspoken-out-loud prayers of your heart word for word through someone else. And then someone else. And then someone else.


They had some real prophetic insight that just confirmed a lot of what Holy Spirit has been talking to me about over these last months and weeks and days. Some major confirmation about being in God’s will. And some incredible encouragement through the Word.


And they perhaps have the coolest urban style offices you have ever seen! 😉



I am now preparing to go into my final evening here, and reading through my journal from this week, God has been speaking a lot.

A lot about His love.

A lot.

That’s a whole other blog post, so if I can find free wi-fi in an airport in the epic journey home, I’ll try and put it on metaphorical-blog-paper.

I leave for the airport at 8.30am to begin an on-paper-slightly-impossible journey home… (anyone think I can make my 40 minute connection in Chicago without a Holy Spirit miracle?!) But please pray that even tonight Abba would continue to seal all He is speaking about and directing and doing.

I pray y’all being blessed! 😉


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