My new favourite thing. (Joke)

Ok, confession time.

Public toilets freak me out.


It’s just gross to think of that many people using one bathroom.

Really. Gross.



Fortunately, O’Hare airport has a solution for such problems.

Meet the SaniSeat toilet protector.

Oh yes.

You wave your hand over the button next to the flush and it re-covers the toilet seat with a new, strange kind of cellophane wrapping.

Like it’s some kind of personalised hygienic gift.

Just for you.



With a capital ‘B’… 

I mean, seriously, who comes up with these ideas?!?


And I thought I wouldn’t encounter strange toilet inventions until Japan…


I’m not sure it’s made me a bigger fan of public toilets, but it sure did make me LOL! πŸ˜‰

(Becca, I’m predominantly writing this blog post for our slightly-warped humour! Although, I am aware that it may be we stand alone in the sheer amusement this brings…)



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