Miracles, money and a faithful God :)

Today’s blog post will be short and sweet and to the point…

God is so faithful.

And He does miracles.

Big miracles.

Let me be a little more specific.

I work for a charity that supports young people, and the project I manage has to raise a lot of money to function each year.

A lot of money.

And like most charities, we normally scrape by, starting the financial year a bit uncertain about where all the funding will come from, but applying like mad to every fund, grant or tender available.

As a manager, so much of my time is taken up formulating, writing and re-writing bids, proposals and project documents. I have to fight for time with the young people I am in the job for, and diary in days with my team.

And the last 6 months has been busy.

We have applied for 6 different funds. Big ones. In the hope that if we got even a couple, we would be ok.

And we secured 3 of the smaller ones just before Christmas! Praise God!

But this week (bearing in mind it’s only Wednesday and I didn’t get back into the UK until Sunday), I found out that we secured the other 3 tenders. Big tenders. Multi-year tenders. That will allow us to support a lot of young people.

This is unheard of.

Totally unheard of.

We have successfully secured every fund we have applied for in the last 7 months. And it means that with a week to go of this financial year, we can stop fretting about the money and start thinking about the young people. Fully. With focus.

And I love that in working for a non Christian organisation, with non Christian colleagues and friends, my testimony in this can glorify God. Because they ask, ‘How did this happen? It’s a miracle!’ And I reply, ‘It is. Because God said He would provide and He has. And miracles are His business.’

Because as much as I put my heart and soul into everything I write, only the anointing of God could move that into the miraculous. Because my writing isn’t that good. And I can’t take credit for something that is fully God’s doing and provision.

But I can praise Him. Loudly. Publicly. In awe of who He is. And thankful for His mercies.

His favour rests on His people. And in that humbling reality. I am blessed.



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