“Porky Pete & Rolly Rach” = Reminders of God’s goodness!

Although it was a bank holiday today, I was working.



Lots and lots of articles from youth work, social work and community education journals.

Getting frustrated trying to format and import documents.

But keeping on working…


And I actually need to get back to it.


But in order to give me a break in a computer-ridden day, I just went out for dinner with my parents and some friends. 

And ate a lot.

And was refreshed from my tired-computer-eyes.

And just enjoyed being out of the house.


It was a nice reminder of the little blessings that point you to God’s goodness.


Sitting in the bright-shining-sun.

Having good chat.

Sharing a huge-chocolate-indulgent-dessert.

Being called ‘Porky Pete’…. with my little friend ‘Rolly Rach’…

And feeling the gentle motivation of God to keep working for Him in this project as the evening continues.


Psalm 105 came to my mind. 

The Message begins it like this…

Hallelujah! Thank God! Pray to Him by name! Tell everyone you meet what he has done! Sing Him songs, belt out hymns, translate His wonders into music! Honour His holy name with Hallelujahs, you who seek God. Live a happy life! Keep your eyes open for God, watch out for His works; be alert for signs of His Presence. Remember the world of wonders He has made, His miracles and the verdicts He’s rendered.

I love that line… ‘Be alert for signs of His Presence…’

Because in the stress of being busy, or the distraction of a consuming task, it’s easy to become numb to His Presence and to not press in.

But my prayer is that even as I work, or spend time with friends, or eat huge desserts… That I would be alert to Holy Spirit and His Presence near and around me.

In His works.

In His blessings.

In His wonders.

In His miracles.

In who He is.

So today was hard work, but filled with the blessings of meals, good conversation, surprise Skype calls, and plentiful cups of tea.

Hallelujah. Thank God!




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