I am the apple of His eye.

So, those of you who read my blog regularly will know that my parents are visiting this week, and those of you who know my parents will know that we have a slightly ‘quirky’ sense of humour sometimes…

Anyway, yesterday they just happened to remind me of a song that I used to love as a child. You know, back-in-the-day where action songs, and church camps, and a large, green, fluffy mascot called F.O.G (stood for Friend.Of.God) used to rock-my-world.


I’d forgotton just quite how-absolutely-ridiculous-in-a-truthful-way-the-lyrics-were. And the memory made me LOL for quite a long time.

Let’s try this for size… 🙂


I am the APPLE of God’s eye
His BANANA over me is love
He ORANGES His angels to look after me
As His blessings PLUM-met from above

Never have to play the GOOSEBERRY
Feel like a LEMON, no not me
For wherever this MAN-GOES
A RASBERRY it never blows

The GREAT FRUIT of God it overflows

I will praise Him on the TANGERINE
Praise Him on the MANDARIN
SATSUMA or later you will see
There is always a CLEMENTINE for praising Him


Some cheesy Christian songs… Are just beautiful things. And as I smiled through the memory of those lyrics, and laughed at the comedy value they now hold… I couldn’t help but remember some of the scriptures that they came from.

Like Psalm 17 v 8, ‘Keep me as the apple of Your eye, hide me in the shadow of Your wings’.

And Song of Songs 2 v 4, ‘His banner over me is love.’

I guess that’s the great thing about learning the truths of God as a child, in whatever random, quirky way works to really engrain them in your mind and your heart. Because once they’re there, they never leave, and they become the foundation of everything else.

And today, the memory that really caused my heart to rejoice, was that just as the fact that I’m the apple God’s eye amazed me when I was 7 years old, it still amazes me today, 20 years on.

And His banana over me is love… 😉




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