Three places at once.

Today was one of those slightly-busy-and-a-little-bit-crazy-ones that leaves you skipping lunch and surviving on mutliple cups of earl grey tea until 3pm.

Two of my team are on holiday this week. Which is just grand because they really needed the break…


(And here’s the ‘but’…)

Another one of my colleagues has come down with a horrible bug and been off work since Monday.

And none of my sessional workers have been able to cover.

So I have been attempting to cover three people’s workloads for the last three days. And my own.

Interesting. Very interesting. (It’s a good job I don’t stress easily :))


Today, I had a wonderfully-great-and-hilarious-in-retrospect moment where I sat down with my administrator at 8am, looked through my diary for the day, and realised that I was actually booked to be in three places between 11am and 1pm.

Three places.

At once.

Covering a training day with a group of young people.

Attending a management meeting with two colleagues from the Central Belt.

And meeting with another national charity.


All at the same time. And no one else to cover.

And I had to smile. My administrator just looked at me, smiling herself, and went, ‘Oh Peta. It’s one of those days. Not even you can possibly manage to be in all three places at once…. I’ll put the kettle on…’

And so, over my second, and third, cup of earl grey of the day, we coordinated that I could run the young people’s training from 9am – 11am, hot foot it back to the office to meet with the other charity from 11 – 12, and then join my now slightly-postponed managers meeting from 12 – 2.30pm.

Perfectly do-able. Just about.

And as I literally ran from one meeting to the next, running through meeting agendas in my head enroute, this phrase, which is actually a song lyric from somewhere, dropped into my mind.

And stayed there all day.

He who holds the seven stars in His hands. He holds my heart.

And I was so thankful.

That although I can’t be in three places at once, God can.

And is.

And always will be.

One step ahead of me, even when I’m running late.

Holding all things together by the power of His Word. Including me.

And He who can be in three places, or four places, or every-place, in His Mighty Omnipresent power, He holds my heart.

And gives me peace.

Even on the busiest days that can be thrown my way.

What a Beautiful King He is.

Thank you Papa.



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