Someone Free.

Yesterday my church continued looking at the names of God in the Old Testament.

This week, Jehovah Rapha.

Based on Exodus 15.
The story of the bitter water that is made sweet.
And of the God who says, ‘If you listen, listen obediently to how God tells you to live in His Presence, obeying His commandments and keeping all His laws, then I won’t strike you with all the diseases that I inflicted on the Eqyptians; I am God your healer.’

God promises to heal us from the diseases of the Egyptians.
Jehovah Rapha.
That’s so much more than physical healing.
That’s the healing of the human heart, the wounds of rejection and the curing of being backslidden.
That’s the restoration of relationships between us and God and us and others and us and ourselves.
That’s the freedom from sin, and freedom from experience and freedom from the past that Jesus promises for us.

And as our pastor outlined the plagues of Egypt, and related these ‘diseases’ to that which God longed to heal and free us from, the lyrics from a poem by Hosanna Wong came to my mind.

This poem is hard-hitting, but I love this declaration…

‘Egypt, your time is done.
Your chains have been overcome.
For Jesus Christ has come,
To redeem our thinking’.

And this poem is about freedom. It focuses on an issue dear to my heart. Those of you who know me and my personal experience and my future vision know that my heart burns for those affected by sexual exploitation and abuse.
Literally burns.
Because I know a God who heals, and restores and sets free.
I know Him.

And I know a Holy Spirit who causes me to cry out in faith, ‘Egypt, your time has come…’
Let faith rise.
Jehovah Rapha has Triumphed.
Triumphed and risen and victorious.

I know Him as healer.
I really do.
And I pray you can too.
Because we were meant to be someone free.


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