Summer looks sweet.

So, lots of people have been asking for an update about my plans for the summer so that they can pray.

And a lot has happened in the last few weeks in terms of open doors and a few more firm dates…

So your prayers are much appreciated… 🙂

I’m so excited.

Summer looks sweet.

Really sweet.

And I’m really expectant about what God is arranging and planning and bringing together.

And I’m spending a lot of time praying with wonderful and dear friends about vision and future and harvest.

In wonderful agreement.

And I love how God burdens and moves and speaks to your heart.

To hearts.

I love this journey He is taking me on.

This exciting, beautiful journey.





Here I come.


Flights are booked.

The 12 week countdown has begun.

To the day.


Accommodation is beginning to be booked.

Visits are being put in the diary, talks are being written and youth work training is being designed.

And my heart is enlarging for the children and young people and youth workers and individuals that I will be meeting and investing into and spending time with.

I’ll be out for 6 weeks.

6 whole weeks.

To the day! (Woop, woop!)

Some time in Tokyo.

Some time in Osaka.

Some time in Kyoto.

Some time in Hamamatsu.

At the moment there are a couple of organisations that I’ll be visiting for a day or so to do some interviews and make contacts, and 3 or 4 organisations that I’ll be doing some actual-real-hands-on-work with for a few days to a week; either with children and young people or in running training with youth workers/lecturing about youth work in the UK. 

And I’m leaving a lot of these plans as fluid as possible in order to follow Holy Spirit’s leading.

(And when I’m visiting some Japanese children’s homes that have a ratio of 1 member of staff to 11 children, I can guarantee that I am going to want to bring some Japanese children home…)

I also have a little bit of holiday time thrown in for good measure… 🙂

Just a little.


So, I would appreciate your prayers over this next 12 weeks.


– For the logistical, practical arrangements of being in the right place at the right time in the right accommodation.

– That I will be a blessing and shining light to the families I am staying with for my home stays (even as I make first contacts!).

– For my continued preparations with language study (which leaves me often wishing that I had a bigger brain)…

– For good quality relationships in the churches I attend, and with the Christians I meet.

– For favour with the non-Christian organisations and agencies I will be networking with.

– For dissertation inspiration! 🙂

– For open doors, boldness, contacts and sensitivity, both in this season of preparation, on the trip and for longer term.


God is moving in this precious country! And so many are feeling it! And with that, I will leave you with a picture I produced in one of my times of intercession at IHOP! 🙂 



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