Puddles become ponds that become lakes.

In my prayer times today, God reminded me of a very vivid vision that a friend of mine had for me when I was in America.

She had been praying over my future and the things that Holy Spirit was speaking to me about.

And she saw a panoramic landscape.


A high mountain range, with a deep, vast lake beneath it.

The lake glistened in the sunlight and the whole scene was thing of beauty and excellence and radiance.

And the lake was deep.

Deep enough to dive.

Deep enough to swim.

Deep enough to water the surrounding land.



And she felt that this vision symbolised the dreams that God had put in my heart and spoken to me (and so many) about and confirmed through His word.

A harvest among unreached people for the sake of Jesus.

The outpouring of Holy Spirit.

The drawing of many to Abba’s heart.

Seeing the sick healed and the lost found and those in bondage set free.

Truly free.

And the certainty that this would come to pass.

Because it is God’s heart.

His desire.


But then she saw a small puddle.

A tiny amount of water.

And then a shallow pond.

Just enough to paddle in.


And this was the crux of what God what saying.


That in the first stages of building this work and tilling this ground and praying the prayers of intercession and hope, it would feel like the fruit was a puddle or a pond rather than a lake.

It would mean being faithful in what could feel so small.

So unnoticed.

By all but Him.

And although it would be easy to get discouraged, hope should never falter.


Because of a promise.

His promise.


The rain is coming.

The Rain is coming.

And His Rain is what turns the puddle to a pond. And the pond into a lake.



His Rain.

Because in Him and through Him and because of Him, the shallow waters will become the panoramic, far-stretching, unfailing promises of God in the years and seasons to come.

And we’re not measuring this work in days and weeks or even months, but in years and decades of giving and loving and persevering and pressing on, and doing it all the His name’s sake.

So today, this reminder from God, brought joy and encouragement to my heart. 

Deep enough to swim in.

Deep enough to dive in.

The rains are coming.



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