Early starts, Alton Towers, and many, many blessings :)

5 steps to a laughter-filled Alton Towers-tastic day.

1. Get up at 1am. Read the Bible, drink tea, laugh at the very tired-and-hilarious-quotes coming from 4 very tired girls who’ve had far too little sleep. Allow Louise plentiful time to straighten her hair. Leave at 2am.

2. Have a wonderful road trip. Listen to great music. Have good chat. Laugh at Louise and Lisa in funny sleeping positions. Eat sausage sandwiches. And make it to Alton Towers for 10am.

3. Convince Louise to go on a really fast rollercoaster. Laugh a lot at her screaming out-loud for the entire duration. Laugh loudly whilst being scared silly on a variety of rides. Be thankful that Becca is crazy enough to say ‘no’ to none of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Go on the rapids. Get very wet. Very wet. But THEN discover the great drying machines than can help to solve this problem for the bargain price of £2. The best £2 I have ever spent.

5. Leave, just as it starts to rain, to retreat to the hotel. 

We’re just getting ready to go out for an Italian, and are feeling a little bit shattered… But I am also very blessed by good friends, and what is continuing to be a great birthday weekend.

I also had this thought today though, as we were standing in this huge drying machine, hilariously trying to arrange ourselves to maximise the heat, and being laughed at by a lot of random passers by…

Sometimes, it’s the people that God brings you into relationship with, into friendship with, that enables you to deal with the waves that life throws at you. Like when Aaron and Hur lifted the hands of Moses. Like when Elisha came alongside Elijah. Like David and Jonathan. Like Jesus and the disciples. And like the girls who’ll stand in a public drying machine laughing with you, after they’ve gone on a ride to get soaked with you, and they’ve got up at 1am to journey with you…

Thanks girls ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Thanks God ๐Ÿ™‚


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