The battle of the olives.

Last night we all went for the largest Italian meal you have ever seen. Check out my portion size.


This food totalled quite a lot more than the size of my entire stomach.



But as we ate our way through mountains of food, and laughed loudly at mountains of jokes, we also decided to try the free olives.

Now I don’t traditionally like olives.

At all.

But plenty of my friends do.

And I am always game for trying something new.

However, in the tasting of the olives last night, I’m afraid to say that none of us were particular fans. And we have no particular plans to eat any more anytime soon.

We did, for our own amusement though, take some great photos of our facial expressions when attempting to eat said olives.

See what you think…

Now I’m sure we’ve all had those moments where our faces give us a way. We don’t have to use words, we don’t have to make a sound, but it’s apparent to everyone around us exactly what we’re thinking/feeling/liking/disliking etc etc etc…

We didn’t like olives.

And everyone knew.


But today we went out for another meal with another one of my friends. 

And I was thinking about what was apparent to everyone around us.

Like with the olives.

But today my thoughts went to our faith. And whether our faces gave us away? And when we used words or when we didn’t make a sound, whether it was apparent to everyone around us that we’re completely and totally in love with Jesus?

And if those around us on our many meals out this weekend overheard our conversations, would they know? And if they heard us say prayers of blessing over our food, would it be clear to them? And if they heard us laugh loudly at clean jokes, would they realise that it was different? And if they saw the love in our friendship, would they know that we are Christians by our love?

And I hope they would.

And I pray they would.

Because I pray that Holy Spirit shines from every secret motive and every private conversation and every publicly seen behaviour.


We’re now back in sunny Inverness and I am preparing to celebrate my actual birthday tomorrow.

But my prayer for this year is that He would shine.

So brightly.


Here are some other beautiful pictures from the last two days… 🙂





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