From God, with love.

There’s a Gungor song that I’ve been listening to recently that sings these simple-truth-professing words to God,

You are everything good,

You are everything beautiful.

It’s catchy. And it’s true. And it’s been in my head all day today.

Which has been a good thing.

A very good thing.

Because I have been through in Aberdeen for a long day of meetings, in a car for 6 hours, and just needing that simple reminder to be running around and around in my brain.

And it has been.

He is everything good. He is everything beautiful.

And for every blessing and good thing He pours out on us, we can respond to Him with our full praise.

With lives of worship.

As if every good thing literally sings to us, ‘from God, with love’.

And we can’t help but respond.

So driving in the spring sunshine this morning, the views cried out, ‘from God, with love’.

And seeing the colours of the fields and the trees and the flowers, the very beauty resounded, ‘from God, with love’.

And in meetings talking through the strategies to support children and young people in the region, the remembrance of Abba’s unfailing compassion and abundant hope in any circumstance, reminded me of the way that Jesus restores and redeems us saying, ‘from God, with love’.

And praying through the issues of my heart on the way home, the Presence of the Holy Spirit simply reminded me that His very presence with me is the most precious gift that illuminates the reality that He shouts so I cannot doubt hearing Him, ‘from God, with love’.

Because He is everything good. He is everything beautiful. 

And now I am going to take my tired self off to bed 🙂





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