‘I believe I’m fly…’


Today we have been taking our Dundonian friend Kayleigh on a Highland tour.

First stop. Dores.


Almost heavenly.


Second stop (or non-stop), a road trip down the scenic side of Loch Ness.

To the Gungor live album driving soundtrack.


Stunning scenery. Stunning album.


Just like us ->

Third stop. Drumnadrochit.

The sweet shop.

Oh yes.

Chocolate limes, chocolate bananas, bonbons, iron bru sweets and a selection of childhood besties.

Fourth stop. Back to the car.

Canton Jones’ beautiful lyrical value to accompany us home.

‘I believe I’m fly… But I can’t be my flyest without Youuuuuu….’

Fifth stop. Home sweet home.

Plenty of tea and time for Becca to have the thickest-hair-in-the-world-straightened.

Praise God for great Saturdays!




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