To sell a house…

My house is on the market right now. 

It officially went on the market 12 weeks ago.

And despite over 50 viewings, and multiple people registering interest in it, as of yet, there are no formal offers.


Now, I’m not particularly stressed about this. 

I trust that the same faithful God who has never failed in His perfect timings has this one under His belt too.

And I know that despite my best efforts, this house isn’t going to sell one minute before He wants it to. Nor will it sell a moment after.

I know where God is calling me long term, and I know the house has to sell before I can move. So I trust. 

There’s no point worrying.

At all.


However, my estate agent (who seems like a little bit of a ‘on the edge’ guy anyway, and was absolutely convinced my house would sell in the first 3 days) is currently starting to tip into feelings of mild panic.

Despite an average of 5 viewings a week, his phone calls to me are getting increasingly frequent.


‘I don’t understand why it hasn’t sold yet…’, he bewailed over the phone today.

‘It’s only been 12 weeks’, I reassured him.

‘Maybe if you had the garden landscaped?’ he suggested.

‘Maybe’, I sighed, ‘I’ll get a quote from one of the companies we have young people working with’.

‘Maybe if you rebuild the wall your car knocked down when you forgot to put the handbrake on?’ (Hahaha… I’m kidding! I haven’t told him about that one!!)


‘What about lowering the price for a quick sale?’, he finally prompted 10 minutes into the conversation.

‘I’m open to that’, I remind him, ‘but let’s not panic until the viewings and positive feedback starts drying up’.


Don’t get me wrong, my house needs a little bit of garden tidying, probably a new boiler in the next couple of years, and after the weekend’s fierce wind, the shed is definitely on it’s last legs… But it’s a really great house. It’s big. It’s bright. It’s covered in beautiful artwork (I’m kidding)! And it’s not on for a hugely expensive price.


But my estate agent, bless his heart, is a highly strung, kinda-needs-a-holiday type individual.

And a little bit intense.

My favourite story is that about 8 weeks ago, in his zeal to sell the house, he arranged a viewing without letting me or my housemate Becca know (Becca who he is still convinced is called Rachael by the way… Go figure that one!) Anyway, spontaneous house viewings wouldn’t normally be an issue, except that this one day, Becca, who’s a nurse, had just finished a nightshift, and was asleep in her room. Deeply asleep. Until she was awakened by a random stranger’s small child prodding her and saying, ‘Mummy, there’s someone in this bed.’

I haven’t stopped laughing about that since. Neither has Becca.

But I’m not sure the poor estate agent will ever really recover from his embarrassment.

Maybe that’s why he’s so desperate for a sale!!


So he believes that to sell my house we need to think about money, and landscaping and strategy.

And I believe that to sell my house, the only strategy we really need is prayer.

Because God’s got this one.

So please join with me in praying that my house sells. Not a second before God wants it, but I do believe that’s soon. For the amount that God wants it to sell for, which I do believe will be just enough.

Oh God, You have always made a way. So have Your way I pray. In this. Amen.


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