Random laughter.

So as I sit to write this right now, I am mid way through ‘An Evening with Jonathan Veira’.

It’s the coffee break.

It’s what I would describe as a pretty random evening thus far.

Very random in fact.

Good though. Very good.

J.V. is a keeper!


I’m here because me and Becca were given free tickets. 

I came with no understanding of who Jonathan Veira was, and no idea what to expect… but we were told it would be funny.

So, you know, we’re always game for a random night. Especially one that we’re told will cause surplus amusement! 🙂


Now, let me first of all say that our presence amongst the couple of hundred people here brings the average age down to about 77. 

Seriously, I feel like my red hair and pink skinny jeans have never stood out so much in a sea of white-haired-men-and-ladies.

(It’s a good job Becca’s super blonde hair and just as skinny jeans stand out in a comparable manner).

There is a man standing in front of me right now wearing a tweed jacket with some mean elbow pads.

There is a lady behind me with a fierce blue rinse.

I feel seriously young.


But, what’s making the evening worthwhile is this… 

Jonathan Veira is a seriously talented man!

And he really loves Jesus.

He sings opera, plays the piano in a legendary fashion… And also is the master of about a gizillion other instruments.

And he’s funny.

Really funny.

Laugh out loud funny.

And he has crazy eyes.

And a crazy-London-accent-voice.

In fact, I think he might be a little bit crazy.

In a good way.


So we have sang ever genre of music under the sun, laughed until we cried, been wowed by vocal and instrumental talent, and thought about the God who pulls all our stories together in a beautiful fashion. 

And I am blessed to know that I am sitting and laughing and being part of the big-multi-aged-multi-talented-family of God.

Laughter is a wonderful gift indeed!


Well, this is another night random enough for the memory banks.

I am thankful to God for them!

Thank you http://www.jonathanveira.com!


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